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2 Thumbs Up from a Tech-Nerd PE Teacher!

CoolStream Duo Bluetooth Adapter

We recently received this great review from a long time customer and wanted to share “2 Thumbs Up from a Tech-Nerd PE Teacher” with our web customers.  Real life experiences with any product really brings to life what we all are doing with our technology and the real ways it does actually enhance our lives.  This is from John E. a wonderful teacher we heard from who was hoping to get his replacement CoolStream Duo before “Dance Party Thursday”.  How great is that?  Take it away John.


For Most teachers, research often identifies a relationship between student behavior and classroom management through effective action supervision.  To increase one’s effectiveness for instruction, teachers in any discipline scan, move and engage students frequently during lessons.  Most teachers employ music to accompany various activities, not aonly to integrate media, but to enhance motivation, retention and productivity.  As a yong educator, I’ve found that performing both simultaneous is often difficult due to shuttling back-and-forth to control a stereo remotely and manually.  Or I’d tie up a student with a long AUX/stereo cord extension.  This might sound like a reasonable solution for those students that can’t sit still, but all problems solved when I ordered a CoolStream Duo.


The device is built simple and small, and battery life covers my moring of classes.  I teach elementary Phys Ed, so proximal skill detection and correction is a large component of student motor learning.  The Duo allows me to do just that, where the cluetooth conectivity reaches and astonishing 30 yards across my fieldhouse basketball court without distortion or pauses in the signal.  Even works through cement block!  Other models average 15-30 feet max.  I can adjust the volume on the fly (from my iPhone 6) between segments of instruction, and push it hard at the end of class during student exploration.  Later in the weightroom, I let the high schoolers pair up and play their own music (setting-appropriate of course).  I mainly use the Duo’s rechargeable batter, but have also docked with the 30-pin port to a dated-but-portable Atelc Lansing speaker that resides in the pool office all summer long.  My lifeguards all aprreciated the adapter when they updated to current gen, lightning port iPhones.


The crowning moment:  When I had an issue the owner herself replied promptly to my inquiry with stellar customer service to satisfy a loyal consumer.  My work day would be significantly different without this device.  Cannot thank the CoolStream Duo Team enough, cheers!  Best BT adapter out there.

John E.