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3 Ways to make your Mobile Device Amazing

The CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver makes your mobile device even more amazing than ever.

So you love your mobile device. You love to text, to call, to check your email, play games. You even bought a new docking station so you could listen to music from your mobile device. The problem is that if you get a call or a text you have to jet yourself across the room to retrieve your phone from the docking station and lose your groove to take your call. Even if you just want to check something quickly you either have to remove your phone from the docking station or contort your hand into some kind of unnatural position to try to access what you hope will be the right button. Now with the CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver you can have your mobile device back safely in your hands while the music plays on.

The 3 ways CoolStream makes your mobile device even more amazing!

  1. Location, location, location – With Coolstream playing on your docking station you can now keep your phone right next to you so you can turn it up, turn it down, turn it off from where you are, not where your docking station is.
  2. Music “Interrupted” – With CoolStream you’re not going to miss that call because you’ll be able to keep your phone right within reach. When a call comes in the music stops while you take your call and then as soon as you’re done your docking station will resume to where you left off before the music was interrupted.
  3. Play Time – Our phones are loaded with fun things to do, games to play, apps we like, internet access, now with CoolStream you can play that game search for the latest sports scores, Hollywood gossip, movie start times, whatever you’re Googling these days all while listening to your music. Now what could be Cooler than THAT.