3 worst technology mistakes parents make before sending their children off to college.

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According to the Princeton Review college rankings the recent list of schools earning various positive and negative accolades has come out.  www.princetonreview.com  So with any luck you are not sending your child to the biggest party school, or the school with the worst food.  But regardless of where they go, what you really need to avoid is the 3 worst technology mistakes parents make before sending their kids off to college…wherever illustrious bastion of higher learning that may be.  We have compiled the list below to give the parents of our future leaders and captains of industry a few guidelines.

  1. Ask for the password. If your student will stay on your family phone plan, make sure they are well versed in how to log onto free Wi-Fi.   Just because it says free Wi-Fi in the window of that cute coffee shop doesn’t mean it just automatically happens.  Many times if they don’t ask for the password before sharing that amazing new video the data charge will come right out of your family data plan.
  2. Use Bluetooth whenever possible.  Make sure your student knows not to put their phone on the docking station to share their coolest new downloaded song they got on iTunes.  Pairing their phone via Bluetooth and keeping the treasured phone near and dear to their heart is so much safer…preferably in a pocket…in the case.
  3. Be sure to buy what you need before they go off to school.  The bookstore is not known for great deals and if you already have your headphones and portable speaker before you get on campus then the music never stops flowing and the trip to the bookstore is just for books and not a laundry list of dorm room items and sudden technology needs.

Best of luck to kids and parents alike.  Carpe diem.

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