A great game for the whole family.


At a recent gathering of family and friends our very smart friend Lisa created a great game.  It was a wonderful way for the parents and the kids to play a game that included everyone, along with a lot of laughs peppered with some well-placed groans. It was our own version of an updated “Name that Tune”.

Playing a game with a portable speaker made it fun for everyone.


The difference was that since we had a wireless speaker, the music could come from the middle of the table while the “DJ” could sit anywhere in the room with an iPad and choose songs. Just pass the iPad around and anyone can take a turn at being “DJ”. Given that we had an age range from 12 to 50 there were a lot of songs to choose from and many chances to make sure everyone felt challenged and included. You can give clues, like, “this song is from a play we wanted to see on Broadway”, for the thespians in the group, to “this is the original version of a song on the radio now.” For the more pop minded listener.  Those were the best clues since it included the full age range.

My personal favorite was “The Dickies” covering the Moody Blues’ Nights in White Satin. The kids really seemed to like “eye-rolling” at the parents when we would inevitably get caught up in the moment and say “Ah, remember this?”   But in all honesty we kind of like the fact that despite the “eye-rolling” we are still hanging out with our kids listening to music and finding out a little bit about each other. Plenty of snacks some pillows on the floor and a few dogs complete the evening.

Author: CoolStream Lover

I can't seem to recall a time when there wasn't always music playing in my home. Starting with classical piano lessons from the age of 9 while my Dad blasted Johnny Cash, to my many years enjoying the local Boston music scene I have come to the conclusion that putting more music in your life is always a good thing.