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AppleInvestigator Reviews CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver

CoolStream with phone we call it CoolStreaming while multi-tasking as mentioned in the gadgeteer and AppleInvestigator

AppleInvestigator reviews the CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver and bills our device as a good alternative to Airplay speakers.  This a short but informative video showing the ease of the pairing process.  If you have a older iPod touch, like a 4th generation and you want to upgrade to a smart phone this will allow you to keep your iDock without having to upgrade that as well.  The reviewer states “this is a little product that serves as great purpose.”  The appleinvestigator clearly shows how through pairing your bluetooth enabled device, whether that is an 5th generation iPod, a tablet, or a smartphone, the CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver will communicate with that device and seamlessly stream the music through to your speakers.  To upgrade to a speaker like an Airplay can cost upwards of $300 while the CoolStream comes in at an affordable $39.99 available at Amazon.


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