What is 3D Audio and Why You Will Love the CoolStream BOOM!

3D Audio is sound technology which is changing the way we hear recorded sound by processing the audio to better mimic how we perceive the real world. The CoolStream BOOM! contains an internal audio processor that gives you a better spatial feeling of sound.  For example, when sound comes from the left, you hear it … Continue reading “What is 3D Audio and Why You Will Love the CoolStream BOOM!”

Connect iPhone to Bose Wave Radio with CoolStream

  Will the CoolStream Duo work with my Bose Wave Radio? The short answer is yes. Since the Bose Wave Radio does not have a 30-pin connector you will need a few cables to connect it to the Duo. The first cable you will need is an RCA to 3.5 mm cable. This can be found … Continue reading “Connect iPhone to Bose Wave Radio with CoolStream”

Connect your Bose Stereo to the Echo Dot using CoolStream Duo

If you are looking at the very popular Amazon Echo line (basically a voice-activated personal assistant and music player) as your latest purchase for your electronic needs we have some great news.  You can pair the Echo Dot to your Bose SoundDock using the CoolStream Duo!  The Amazon Echo Dot has all the brains of … Continue reading “Connect your Bose Stereo to the Echo Dot using CoolStream Duo”

Another Victory for CoolStream CarPro

Well score another Victory for CoolStream with the new CoolStream CarPro!  This week we can report some really great news for the Victory Motorcycle community.  We recently received the test results of a CoolStream CarPro on a 2009 Victory Vision by Rex, aka Brother Wind.  We are happy to tell you that the CoolStream CarPro was a complete success in pairing and delivering wireless … Continue reading “Another Victory for CoolStream CarPro”

CoolStream Duo works with Victory Motorcycle

In the most recent issue (January 2015) of Road Iron Magazine the Victory Motorcycle was featured as the latest ‘victory’ for the CoolStream Duo.  Author and Bike Enthusiast, Kit Maira was thrilled to find the seamless fit for his new 2015 Victory Cross Country Tour in the the CoolStream Duo Bluetooth Receiver. At first he … Continue reading “CoolStream Duo works with Victory Motorcycle”

Finally, the perfect stocking stuffer for him!

No need to stress about the perfect stocking stuffer for that ‘hard to buy’ guy in your life. The CoolStream Duo is just the cool kind of gadget that will make his eyes twinkle with that “I can’t wait to check this out” kind of happy. Your gadget guy will love the versatility the Duo … Continue reading “Finally, the perfect stocking stuffer for him!”