Bluetooth Music for Harley Davidson

CoolStream Duo works with Harley Davidson Stereo

Recently our good friend, Derek Lucas, a Harley Davidson enthusiast, bought his father a CoolStream Duo for his 2013 Harley Davidson Ultra Glide Classic.  The CoolStream Duo is a Bluetooth music receiver that creates a wireless connection between the bike’s stereo and your phone’s music.

CoolStream Duo on Harley Davidson Ultra Glide

On the road again with Harley Davidson…

His dad, Walter, was planning a bike trip from New Hampshire to Georgia, and it would be cool if he could stream Pandora from his phone to the bike’s stereo while keeping his phone safe in his pocket. That would be way more convenient than searching for radio stations on his long trip.

Derek plugged the CoolStream Duo into the bike’s 3.5mm auxiliary jack using the duel ended 3.5 mm cable included with his CoolStream Duo and turned on the rechargeable battery. Walter’s phone quickly paired to the Duo and he was ready to stream Pandora.

CoolStream Duo Bluetooth for Motorcycles

Walter was very happy to have a hassle-free solution for his music. He told us, “It was extremely easy to set up, and gives me the ability to put my phone away in a safe place while riding.”

Author: CoolStream Update

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