Bluetooth Music Receiver for Harley Davidson Road King

Road King with CoolStream Duo

The summer is here and  you are riding to work on your Harley Davidson motorcycle.  That trip to work will be a lot easier with the right music.

But you bought a new phone, the iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy.  It does not fit on the iPod cable.  Is there a cool and easy solution to this problem?  Yes, the CoolStream Duo fits on the iPod cable and allows you to wirelessly stream music to your Harley’s stereo using your phone’s Bluetooth.

CoolStream Duo in Harley Saddlebag

Does it work?  Is Bluetooth easy to use?  Yes, it works and it is easy to use.  Now that’s cool.  Just plug the CoolStream Duo on to the iPod cable.  Fire up your bike and the Duo powers on automatically.  Take your phone, go to Bluetooth and tap on CoolStream Duo.  Once it says connected, you start your music and take off to work.

Steven Rolfe of Greeneville, Tennessee tested the CoolStream Duo on his 2013 Harley Davidson CVO Road King.  He says, “I cannot tell you enough how pleased I am with your product.  I love the size of the unit and how easy it was to pair with my iPhone.”

The CoolStream Duo is your Bluetooth solution for wireless music on your Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Author: CoolStream Update

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