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BMW Dice Silverline Tested with CoolStream

Recently we tested the CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver (BTR-100) and CoolStream Duo (BTR-102) with the Dice i-BMW-T Silverline Pro.  The Dice unit is an aftermarket iPod integration kit for BMW and Mini Cooper Vehicles.

Both the Bluetooth Receiver and the Duo worked very well after setting the DIP switches to “iPod Mode” on the Dice unit.  In iPod mode the music is controlled by the phone, not the Dice device.

During the testing the CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver and CoolStream Duo both powered on automatically after turning the car on and quickly reconnected to the phone’s Bluetooth.  The music was streaming within 3-4 seconds of turning on the car.

The CoolStream Duo has the option of sending the audio to the speakers through the iPod cable or through the 3.5mm auxiliary jack on the Dice unit.  The CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver only works through the iPod cable.

Josh of Ann Arbor, Michigan tested both CoolStream devices on his Dice Silverline Pro.  He summarized his testing by writing “Overall I am very happy that my older car with an old iPod connector has great sounding Bluetooth audio that is pretty much effortless to use.”  It is always the customer that makes the difference for us.  We may think a product is cool, but it is when customers like Josh think it’s cool that really matters.

The beauty of devices like the BTR or the Duo is that you can get some of the high end features as an aftermarket add on to your existing vehicle and enjoy a feature like Bluetooth for minimal cost.