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Bose Wave Connect Kit Bluetooth Adapter

The Bose Wave Connect Kit is a 30-pin iPod-compatible satellite dock for the Bose Wave Radio.  Bose built this silver dock to hold an iPod for music playback.  But now, you can use the CoolStream Duo to enjoy Bluetooth music streaming.

The CoolStream Duo with its 30-pin connector is a perfect fit for the Bose Wave Connect Kit.  The Bose Kit connects to your Bose Wave Radio using RCA to 3.5 mm cables.  Simply place the Duo into the Connect Kit and pair it to your iPhone or Android phone. Now you can stream music from your phone’s music library or any music app, like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, etc., to your Bose Wave Radio. The Duo is powered by the connect kit and ready for streaming on demand whenever you are.


The CoolStream Duo is the perfect Bose Wave Connect Kit Bluetooth Adapter.






The Duo also works with the Amazon Echo Dot.

In addition to streaming music from your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone to your Bose Wave Radio, you can also now use your Amazon Echo Dot.


The CoolStream Duo pairs with all iPhone and Android phones as well as the Amazon Echo Dot.








Instead of pairing your phone to the CoolStream Duo, you pair the Echo Dot to the Duo. Follow the instructions in your Alexa App to pair the Dot directly to the Duo.  (Be sure to turn off the Bluetooth on your phone if you have previously paired to the Duo.) Now you can have all the conveniences of talking to Alexa with the results playing through your Bose Wave Radio. The incredible sound you know and love from your Bose with your favorite playlists from Amazon Music, a book on tape from Audible, today’s weather, news updates, or even one of Alexa’s jokes.