Cars & Tech by JDM City CarPro Review

CarPro in Audi

In their recent CarPro review Cars & Tech Review by JDM City tested the CoolStream CarPro for Audi. The CarPro is highly recommended by Cars & Tech.

CarPro in Audi
CoolStream CarPro reviewed by Cars & Tech by JDM City

“If you own an Audi, VW or Benz from around 2008 to around 2015, there is a good chance your car has bluetooth but can’t stream music. This adapter lets you add bluetooth streaming.”

Check out their video review here.

The CarPro review states how simple the setup can be. “Installation: Plug it in, and connect to it in via your phone’s bluetooth settings.The light blinks blue when it’s searching, and solid blue when paired.”

You can also read their full review of the CoolStream CarPro on their website, click here.


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