CoolStream Duo Car Compatibility

CoolStream tested the following cars with the CoolStream Duo and CoolStream BOOM!   To determine compatibility we use the factory-installed, manufacturer-approved 30 Pin iPod cable.

Please note that the CoolStream Duo is NOT compatible with most aftermarket iPod car cables such as Alpine DCA-9884, Alpine KCE-433iV, Dension Gateway, Griffin AutoPilot,Continue reading: CoolStream Duo Car Compatibility

Connect your Bose Stereo to the Echo Dot using CoolStream Duo

If you are looking at the very popular Amazon Echo line (basically a voice-activated personal assistant and music player) as your latest purchase for your electronic needs we have some great news.  You can pair the Echo Dot to your Bose SoundDock using the CoolStream Duo!  The Amazon Echo Dot has all the brains of the larger Amazon Echo for about one quarter of the price. Continue reading: Connect your Bose Stereo to the Echo Dot using CoolStream Duo

CoolStream Duo works with Victory Motorcycle

In the most recent issue (January 2015) of Road Iron Magazine the Victory Motorcycle was featured as the latest ‘victory’ for the CoolStream Duo.  Author and Bike Enthusiast, Kit Maira was thrilled to find the seamless fit for his new 2015 Victory Cross Country Tour in the the CoolStream Duo Bluetooth Receiver.

At first he thought the 30-pin connector that came with his new Victory Motorcycle would only work with an older iPhone 4 or even earlier models.  Continue reading: CoolStream Duo works with Victory Motorcycle

iPhone 6 and Bose

New toys are great, like the new iPhone 6.  But what about your old toys that you still love like your Bose Sound Dock?  Well, what you really need is an adapter for your dock.  There is no need to upgrade everything.  The CoolStream Duo is the perfect adapter for the Bose SoundDock.  With the original 30-pin  iPhone connector the Duo fits perfectly on the Dock allowing for easy pairing to your iPhone 6.  Continue reading: iPhone 6 and Bose

CoolStream Duo Review Update

Review Horizon has issued a CoolStream Duo Review Update.  The CoolStream Duo now features Bluetooth Multipoint Technology which allows 2 devices to be paired at the same time.

To test this function Review Horizon paired a Samsung Galaxy smartphone and  new iPad Mini Retina tablet to the CoolStream Duo at the same time.  Continue reading: CoolStream Duo Review Update

Connect iPhone 6 to Bose Sound Dock with CoolStream

How to connect my iPhone 6 to my Bose Sound Dock will be a popular question come late September.  We are all certainly anxiously awaiting all the new fancy features, but the bottom line, (pun intended) is that the iPhone 6 will have the lightening connector and not the original Apple 30-pin connector.  This means that the iPhone 6 will not fit on all your original iPhone accessories.  Continue reading: Connect iPhone 6 to Bose Sound Dock with CoolStream

Does Music Help You Study?

The kids are going back to school and one thing every parent can’t help but notice is that they love to have music with them wherever they go.   It really begs the question though, does listening to music help or hurt when it comes to concentration?  Does music help you study?

Well in a recent study by the University of Phoenix titled “Should you listen to music while studying?“, Continue reading: Does Music Help You Study?

Duo on the Slopes

So it is only January and your new phone is barely out of the bubble wrap.  It is however January, and time to ski.  What to do, what to do?  Hide it, that’s what you do.

The CoolStream Duo converts any pair of ear-buds in Bluetooth ear-buds.

While we have the “over-the-ear” vs.Continue reading: Duo on the Slopes

How to Stream Music in my Car

It is long hard process to fall from being all-knowing to possibly being the unthinkable, becoming the unwantable, the thought of which is unfathomable, but the reality is we might be…un-cool.  This is our struggle.  We lay awake at night trying to think of ways to stave off the inevitable.  And when the universe gives you one of those moments,Continue reading: How to Stream Music in my Car

Apple Rumor New iPhone 5C

Apple is toying with us again with the prospect of an updated iphone5. This just leaked from MacWorld shows us the possibility of and iphone5C (check out this iPhone 5C rumor page). Good as this news is to Apple fans; it still doesn’t help us with our seriously outdated docking stations. It will be much more fun to spend the big bucks on the new iphone 5C and let your CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver for a mere $39.99 update your docking station.Continue reading: Apple Rumor New iPhone 5C


How Cool is CoolStreaming?

We call it CoolStreaming, but really how cool is the idea of music streaming? In a word, very. Couple music streaming with using your CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver so you don’t lose the access to your phone whilst you stream and you are in a whole new world of relaxed and productive.Continue reading: CoolStreaming

Gadgeteer Announces the CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver

The Gadgeteer has posted:  CoolStream Brings Bluetooth to Any iPhone/iPod Docking Station.  The article covers the main features of the CoolStream Bluetooth music receiver including the pairing process the various Bluetooth enabled devices that work with the receiver and how to buy it on Amazon.  The ease of use and the seamless way that you can take a call when it comes in,Continue reading: Gadgeteer Announces the CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver

Inspiración nuestra

Ha sido durante mucho tiempo un sueño de nuestro equipo tanto a nivel individual como colectivo para trabajar y prosperar en la comunidad en que vivimos. Nos gustaría aprovechar inspiración nuestra de la frase “pensar globalmente, actuar localmente”. El Internet ha abierto muchas posibilidades para los empresarios para construir un negocio que puede llegar a tanta gente de cualquier parte del mundo.Continue reading: Inspiración nuestra

Our Inspiration

It has long been a dream of our team both individually and collectively to work and thrive in the community in which we live.  We like to take our inspiration from the phrase “think globally, act locally”.  The internet has opened so many avenues for entrepreneurs to build a business that can reach so many people from anywhere in the world.  Continue reading: Our Inspiration