Connect iPhone to Bose Wave Radio with CoolStream 

You can connect the CoolStream Duo to your Bose Wave Radio

  Will the CoolStream Duo work with my Bose Wave Radio? The short answer is yes. Since the Bose Wave Radio does not have a 30-pin connector you will need a few cables to connect it to the Duo. The first cable you will need is an RCA to 3.5 mm cable. This can be found […]

Connect your Bose Stereo to the Echo Dot using CoolStream Duo 

Echo Dot and Duo

If you are looking at the very popular Amazon Echo line (basically a voice-activated personal assistant and music player) as your latest purchase for your electronic needs we have some great news.  You can pair the Echo Dot to your Bose SoundDock using the CoolStream Duo!  The Amazon Echo Dot has all the brains of […]

Another Victory for CoolStream CarPro 

Well score another Victory for CoolStream with the new CoolStream CarPro!  This week we can report some really great news for the Victory Motorcycle community.  We recently received the test results of a CoolStream CarPro on a 2009 Victory Vision by Rex, aka Brother Wind.  We are happy to tell you that the CoolStream CarPro was a complete success in pairing and delivering wireless […]

New Hampshire Hands Free Law is Now in Effect 

Hands free

The New Hampshire Hands Free Law is now in effect as of July 1, 2015.  If you are curious, as I was, about what this law actually says, here is a link to the law as written.  It is really a pretty good read.  For instance, I did not know that it is now illegal […]

2 Thumbs Up from a Tech-Nerd PE Teacher! 

CoolStream Duo Bluetooth Adapter

We recently received this great review from a long time customer and wanted to share “2 Thumbs Up from a Tech-Nerd PE Teacher” with our web customers.  Real life experiences with any product really brings to life what we all are doing with our technology and the real ways it does actually enhance our lives. […]

Pair Apple Watch with Bluetooth Headphones or Speakers 

Coolstream Bluetooth Headphones Lets Talk Tech

All the top electronics shows so far in 2015 are including displays of a trending set of gadgets, namely wearables. One hot item that just hit the shelves, is receiving much attention in the News Media and is also popular on Social Media is the Apple Watch. But we are not here to discuss that particular […]

February Vacation Travel Must Haves 

February Vacation is better with CoolStream Car Chat Plus

So planning our February vacation is upon us.  With the price of gas dropping everyday what could be timelier than a family road trip!  Hmmm, where to go?  Should you take a ski vacation to Vermont, a tour of the great southwest, or a trip to the southern shores of Florida to bask in the […]

CoolStream Duo works with Victory Motorcycle 

CoolStream Duo Works with Victory Motorcycle

In the most recent issue (January 2015) of Road Iron Magazine the Victory Motorcycle was featured as the latest ‘victory’ for the CoolStream Duo.  Author and Bike Enthusiast, Kit Maira was thrilled to find the seamless fit for his new 2015 Victory Cross Country Tour in the the CoolStream Duo Bluetooth Receiver. At first he […]

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