iPhone 6 and Bose

New toys are great, like the new iPhone 6.  But what about your old toys that you still love like your Bose Sound Dock?  Well, what you really need is an adapter for your dock.  There is no need to upgrade everything.  The CoolStream Duo is the perfect adapter for the Bose SoundDock.  With the original 30-pin  iPhone connector the Duo fits perfectly on the Dock allowing for easy pairing to your iPhone 6.  Continue reading: iPhone 6 and Bose

CoolStream Duo Review Update

Review Horizon has issued a CoolStream Duo Review Update.  The CoolStream Duo now features Bluetooth Multipoint Technology which allows 2 devices to be paired at the same time.

To test this function Review Horizon paired a Samsung Galaxy smartphone and  new iPad Mini Retina tablet to the CoolStream Duo at the same time.  Continue reading: CoolStream Duo Review Update

Connect iPhone 6 to Bose Sound Dock with CoolStream

How to connect my iPhone 6 to my Bose Sound Dock will be a popular question come late September.  We are all certainly anxiously awaiting all the new fancy features, but the bottom line, (pun intended) is that the iPhone 6 will have the lightening connector and not the original Apple 30-pin connector.  This means that the iPhone 6 will not fit on all your original iPhone accessories.  Continue reading: Connect iPhone 6 to Bose Sound Dock with CoolStream

Does Music Help You Study?

The kids are going back to school and one thing every parent can’t help but notice is that they love to have music with them wherever they go.   It really begs the question though, does listening to music help or hurt when it comes to concentration?  Does music help you study?

Well in a recent study by the University of Phoenix titled “Should you listen to music while studying?“, Continue reading: Does Music Help You Study?