Connect Victory Motorcycle Stereo to Your Android Phone 

CoolStream Duo Works with Victory Motorcycle

The good weather is here and you are riding your Victory Motorcycle.  What is better than enjoying fine weather while enjoying the freedom of your Victory?  Maybe just adding your own music to this adventure. But you bought the new iPhone 5 or a Samsung Galaxy.  How do you connect your new phone to the […]

Bluetooth Music Receiver for Harley Davidson Road King 

Road King with CoolStream Duo

The summer is here and  you are riding to work on your Harley Davidson motorcycle.  That trip to work will be a lot easier with the right music. But you bought a new phone, the iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy.  It does not fit on the iPod cable.  Is there a cool and easy solution […]

News and Images from Laconia Bike Week 2014 

Bike Week

CoolStream participated in the Laconia Bike Week with a booth in the Harley Davidson Vendor Village to promote its Bluetooth music receiver, the CoolStream Duo.  What an amazing week of bikes, music, friendly people, great food and drink with plenty of sunshine! CoolStream wants to thank Laconia Harley Davidson and all of its staff for […]

What to get Dad for Father’s Day 

What to get for Father's Day

If you really think about it, Dads are defined by their music.  Just ask yourself, who is their favorite band or who is their favorite artist?  One sure way to find out is to check their T-Shirt drawer.  Dig on through and look for the oldest most worn and that should give you a clue. […]

Three Reasons Why Dad Loves Bluetooth Headphones 

Dad working in the office wearing his CoolStream Bluetooth Headphones

Busy dads love gadgets that are versatile and can be used in different situations. For me, I have three reasons why I love my Bluetooth headphones from CoolStream. 1. Bluetooth headphones make odd jobs around the house easier. When it’s time to pull out the paint brushes or some other “fun” job around the house, […]

What is The Best Mother’s Day Gift 

The CoolStream Bluetooth Portable Speaker is the perfect accessory for any Literary Lover

What is the best Mother’s Day gift this year? Well it would have to be a portable speaker and a book on tape. And I’ll tell you why. Let’s just say that like it or not, Moms are pretty good at multi-tasking. How great would it be to get one of those books you have been dying […]

The Number One Best Selling Duo 

So at a recent gathering of friends that included platters of great food and, shall we say, “beverages”, the topic of music came up and great Duos in particular.  Now my friend Steve is a huge fan of Hall and Oates.  Yes, it’s true.  It was even hard to type.  Anyway, they were his first […]

BMW Dice Silverline Tested with CoolStream 

Recently we tested the CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver (BTR-100) and CoolStream Duo (BTR-102) with the Dice i-BMW-T Silverline Pro.  The Dice unit is an aftermarket iPod integration kit for BMW and Mini Cooper Vehicles. Both the Bluetooth Receiver and the Duo worked very well after setting the DIP switches to “iPod Mode” on the Dice unit. […]

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