How Cool is CoolStreaming?

We call it CoolStreaming, but really how cool is the idea of music streaming? In a word, very. Couple music streaming with using your CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver so you don’t lose the access to your phone whilst you stream and you are in a whole new world of relaxed and productive.Continue reading: CoolStreaming

Gadgeteer Announces the CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver

The Gadgeteer has posted:  CoolStream Brings Bluetooth to Any iPhone/iPod Docking Station.  The article covers the main features of the CoolStream Bluetooth music receiver including the pairing process the various Bluetooth enabled devices that work with the receiver and how to buy it on Amazon.  The ease of use and the seamless way that you can take a call when it comes in,Continue reading: Gadgeteer Announces the CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver

Inspiración nuestra

Ha sido durante mucho tiempo un sueño de nuestro equipo tanto a nivel individual como colectivo para trabajar y prosperar en la comunidad en que vivimos. Nos gustaría aprovechar inspiración nuestra de la frase “pensar globalmente, actuar localmente”. El Internet ha abierto muchas posibilidades para los empresarios para construir un negocio que puede llegar a tanta gente de cualquier parte del mundo.Continue reading: Inspiración nuestra

Our Inspiration

It has long been a dream of our team both individually and collectively to work and thrive in the community in which we live.  We like to take our inspiration from the phrase “think globally, act locally”.  The internet has opened so many avenues for entrepreneurs to build a business that can reach so many people from anywhere in the world.  Continue reading: Our Inspiration