What is 3D Audio and Why You Will Love the CoolStream BOOM!

3D Audio is sound technology which is changing the way we hear recorded sound by processing the audio to better mimic how we perceive the real world. The CoolStream BOOM! contains an internal audio processor that gives you a better spatial feeling of sound.  For example, when sound comes from the left, you hear it … Continue reading “What is 3D Audio and Why You Will Love the CoolStream BOOM!”

Cars & Tech by JDM City CarPro Review

In their recent CarPro review Cars & Tech Review by JDM City tested the CoolStream CarPro for Audi. The CarPro is highly recommended by Cars & Tech. “If you own an Audi, VW or Benz from around 2008 to around 2015, there is a good chance your car has bluetooth but can’t stream music. This … Continue reading “Cars & Tech by JDM City CarPro Review”

Victory Cross Country Bluetooth Solution

Road Iron Magazine review: Victory Cross Country Bluetooth Solution Do you already own and use this product? Review the Duo   Road Iron Magazine has reviewed the CoolStream Duo as a Victory Cross Country Bluetooth solution for connecting your iPhone or Android to the motorcycle audio system. The 2015 Victory Cross Country comes with a 30-pin … Continue reading “Victory Cross Country Bluetooth Solution”

iPhone 6 and iPad Paired at the Same Time

Apple Investigator shows his iPhone 6 and iPad paired at the same time with the CoolStream Duo.  This video shows the ease of using the CoolStream Duo’s latest feature, Multipoint Technology. Multipoint allows two devices, such as an iPhone and an iPad, to be connected by Bluetooth to the CoolStream Duo at the same time. … Continue reading “iPhone 6 and iPad Paired at the Same Time”

Bluetooth Receiver with Multipoint

The CoolStream Duo has been updated and is now a Bluetooth receiver with Multipoint Technology. What is Multipoint Technology? Multipoint allows two devices (ie 2 phones or a phone and a tablet) to be connected to the same Bluetooth device at the same time. SchwarzTech is the latest blogger to review this new feature of … Continue reading “Bluetooth Receiver with Multipoint”

CoolStream Duo Review Update

Review Horizon has issued a CoolStream Duo Review Update.  The CoolStream Duo now features Bluetooth Multipoint Technology which allows 2 devices to be paired at the same time. To test this function Review Horizon paired a Samsung Galaxy smartphone and  new iPad Mini Retina tablet to the CoolStream Duo at the same time.  The review … Continue reading “CoolStream Duo Review Update”

CoolStream Duo Now Features Multipoint Technology

Multipoint Technology and CoolStream Press Release Exeter, NH September 24, 2014 – CoolStream announces that they have upgraded their Bluetooth receiver, the CoolStream Duo, to feature Multipoint Technology. Multipoint allows users to pair two devices (i.e. 2 phones or a phone and a tablet) to one CoolStream Duo at the same time. Users will now … Continue reading “CoolStream Duo Now Features Multipoint Technology”

Amazon Reviews give 4.3 Stars to the CoolStream Duo

Amazon reviews give 4.3 stars to the CoolStream Duo as of July 25, 2014.  Well over 100 people have already submitted their reviews of the CoolStream Duo with 72 giving 5 stars.  The CoolStream Duo is the Bluetooth adapter that creates the wireless link between your phone and iPod dock or car radio.  Using your … Continue reading “Amazon Reviews give 4.3 Stars to the CoolStream Duo”