iPinoy Tech Reviews the CoolStream Duo

iPinoy Tech is the first reviewer of the CoolStream Duo.  He tests the new Bluetooth receiver from CoolStream on a docking station and in his car.  In both instances the CoolStream Duo lets you stream your music wirelessly. Check out the full review.   It is great to see the ease of pairing to the … Continue reading “iPinoy Tech Reviews the CoolStream Duo”

The New CoolStream Duo

PRESS RELEASE Exeter, NH November 19, 2013 – The CoolStream Duo is the latest Bluetooth receiver from Exeter Science & Entertainment. This new version has the same 30-pin connector from their original model, (The CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver) but also features a new 3.5mm auxiliary jack and rechargeable battery.   These new features allow the CoolStream … Continue reading “The New CoolStream Duo”

Let’s Talk Tech Reviews CoolStream Bluetooth Headphones

Let’s Talk Tech has recently given the CoolStream Bluetooth Headphones a very favorable review.  The reviewer, Fabio Virgi, wrote “Fortunately for the people who prefer that simpler/sophisticated look, Coolstream’s BTH301 Bluetooth headphones balance out slick design with a compact form factor…The Bottom Line …Coolstream’s lightweight & elegant design makes them super versatile in terms of … Continue reading “Let’s Talk Tech Reviews CoolStream Bluetooth Headphones”

iPhone Droid eReviews – CoolStream Bluetooth Headphones in Spanish

The CoolStream Bluetooth Headphones are highlighted her in a great review for our Spanish-speaking customers. The CoolStream Bluetooth Headphones have a comfortable fit, with clean lines and lightweight construction.  They are a great travel accessory since they are not bulky and they get the job done without adding extra weight to either your luggage or … Continue reading “iPhone Droid eReviews – CoolStream Bluetooth Headphones in Spanish”

AppleInvestigator Reviews CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver

AppleInvestigator reviews the CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver and bills our device as a good alternative to Airplay speakers.  This a short but informative video showing the ease of the pairing process.  If you have a older iPod touch, like a 4th generation and you want to upgrade to a smart phone this will allow you to keep … Continue reading “AppleInvestigator Reviews CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver”

NH Tech Reviews CoolStream Bluetooth Headphones

NH Tech, a fellow NH company, reviews the CoolStream Bluetooth Stereo Headphones.  This New Hampshire native shows the unboxing of the Headphones which come in both Black and White.  The feature he liked the most was the snug comfortable fit for exercising.  He wore his biking and felt that they would not come loose or … Continue reading “NH Tech Reviews CoolStream Bluetooth Headphones”

TX Brad Reviews CoolStream Bluetooth Headphones

The very popular YouTube video reviewer TX Brad has reviewed the CoolStream Bluetooth Stereo Headphones.  He feels the headphones are lightweight, coming in at a mere 2.5 ounces with a comfortable no-slip rubber liner on the inside of a stylish glossy exterior along with nicely made leather ear pads.  The rechargeable battery makes for over … Continue reading “TX Brad Reviews CoolStream Bluetooth Headphones”