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Connect your Bose Stereo to the Echo Dot using CoolStream Duo

Echo Dot and Duo

If you are looking at the very popular Amazon Echo line (basically a voice-activated personal assistant and music player) as your latest purchase for your electronic needs we have some great news.  You can pair the Echo Dot to your Bose SoundDock using the CoolStream Duo!  The Amazon Echo Dot has all the brains of the larger Amazon Echo for about one quarter of the price.  ($179 vs. $49)  The main difference between the larger Echo and the Echo Dot is that the larger Echo includes a bigger speaker.  But you don’t need that big speaker if you already have the SoundDock.  Yes, that is right, you can have the power of Alexa streaming via Bluetooth using the CoolStream Duo to your beloved Bose SoundDock.

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If you are an Amazon Prime member you can have access to all of the music on Amazon, link up to Spotify or Pandora, ask questions from Wikipedia, or play Radio Lab just by talking to Alexa.  She can also tell you a joke, the latest weather or what your commute might look like as you head out the door.

Echo Dot works with Duo
Amazon Echo Dot works with CoolStream Duo

The convenience and wonder of the technology in the Echo is undeniable but being able to hear all of what Alexa has to say through your Bose Speaker is simply the best of all worlds.  If you have missed the sweet sound of your SoundDock because of an upgrade to a different phone then the Duo is the perfect solution.  With the Echo Dot and the CoolStream Duo you can have all of your favorite music playing through your Bose.  So, as you review your technology needs (wants), the best answer is to get a CoolStream Duo for $29.99 to upgrade your SoundDock to Bluetooth and then get the smaller more affordable Echo Dot for all of your Alexa needs.