Connect iPhone to Bose Wave Radio with CoolStream

You can connect the CoolStream Duo to your Bose Wave Radio

Connect your iPhone to the Bose Wave Radio with the CoolStream Duo.

Since the Bose Wave Radio does not have a 30-pin iPod connector, you will need a few cables to connect it to the Duo.

The first cable you will need is an RCA to 3.5 mm cable.

bose wave radio

As you can see, this will plug into the back of your Bose Wave Radio and also into the 3.5 mm jack on the top of your CoolStream Duo. Using the charged internal battery of the Duo, you can slide the switch on the top of the Duo over to the left and stream music from your phone or tablet to your Wave Radio. Make sure to set your radio is to set it to Aux.

Keep your Duo fully charged all the time.

Since the Duo’s rechargeable battery receives power from the 30-pin connector, you will have to charge your Duo periodically. For this reason, we suggest using a traditional Apple 30-pin charging cable to keep your Duo constantly powered for easy streaming.

There is, however, another option that is a bit more expensive as it requires the Bose Wave Connect Kit. This small silver adapter connects to your Bose Wave Radio using the same RCA to 3.5 cables along with the cabling that comes with it and allows for continuous charging of your CoolStream Duo.

It is a bit more elegant a solution to expand the qualities of such a solid radio.

The Duo also works with the Amazon Echo Dot.

In addition to being able to now stream music from your phone or tablet through to your Bose Wave Radio, you can also now use your Amazon Echo Dot. This feature will really bring your radio into 2017.

So instead of pairing your CoolStream Duo to your phone, you pair the Duo to the Amazon Echo Dot. Now you can have all the conveniences of Alexa playing through your Bose Wave Radio. The great sound you know and love from your Bose with your favorite playlists from Spotify, a book on tape from Audible, or one of Alexa’s jokes.

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