CoolStream Duo Bluetooth Music Receiver

Stream Music from any Smartphone to your Docking Station or Car Stereo. The CoolStream Duo brings Bluetooth music streaming to your reliable Bose SoundDock or car stereo.  With Multipoint function you can connect up to 2 mobile devices simultaneously to the CoolStream Duo. Now you and a friend can be paired to the CoolStream Duo at the same time. Take turns playing DJ. CoolStream Rocks! Cool and Easy. Questions? See the CoolStream Duo Bluetooth Music Receiver FAQ or use the Contact Form to send us a specific question not found in the FAQ Section.


CoolStream Duo Bluetooth Adapter for Bose Docking Station

CoolStream Duo

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Description – CoolStream Duo.  Bluetooth Music Receiver, Model BTR102

The CoolStream Duo now supports Multipoint Technology.

You can connect 2 mobile devices (ie your iPhone and your iPad) to the CoolStream Duo simultaneously!  Now you can have “Duo DJs” alternating between the music on each device.  Enjoy your music collection on your iPhone as well as Pandora on your friend’s iPad.

CoolStream Duo features two options to plug into your home or car stereo systems.

  • 30 pin Connector  – Plugs into the old connector of iPhone docking stations including all Bose SoundDock models, Apple HiFi Dock, and iHome clock radio iPhone docks.  Check out our Testing Results with Docking Stations for compatible iPhone docks.

CoolStream Duo Bluetooth receiver

  • 3.5mm Auxiliary Jack – Connect to digital docking stations including Sony Micro HiFi Docks and Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin.  The CoolStream Duo will also work with home audio systems, boomboxes and car stereos that have a 3.5mm auxiliary jack.


The CoolStream Duo also offers two options to power its Bluetooth function.

  • 30 Pin Connector – Power the CoolStream Duo directly by placing it on the 30 pin connector of your docking station or 30 pin charging cable.

CoolStream Duo Bluetooth receiver

  • Rechargeable Battery – Get 5 hours of music streaming with the CoolStream Duo’s rechargeable battery.

The CoolStream Duo is the Bluetooth music receiver with the extra features that make it really cool.

  • Bluetooth 4.1 for No Pin Pairing and Automatic Power On
  • Operates with both 5V and 12V power sources.  Compatible with first-generation Bose SoundDock and Apple HiFi Dock as well as some car iPod cables.  Check out our Cars Tested with CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver.
  • Built-in 3.5mm auxiliary jack works with wired headphones.
  • The rechargeable battery operates for 5 hours

Included with the CoolStream Duo

Technical Specifications – CoolStream Duo.  Bluetooth Music Receiver, Model BTR102

  • Bluetooth receiver with 30 pin connector. Plugs into iPhone or iPad docking stations or car iPhone/iPod cable.
  • 3.5mm auxiliary line out jack connects to home and car audio equipment. 3.5mm auxiliary cable included with CoolStream Duo.
  • Pairs with all iPhone models, iPads, Android phones, and any other Bluetooth enabled device.
  • Supports Bluetooth music streaming from a mobile device to docking stations, home stereos, boomboxes, or car speakers.
  • Bluetooth version 4.1 supports Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) for true stereo sound.
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery.  Battery life 5 hours.
  • Recommended operating temperature 32℉ – 95℉  (0℃ – 35℃)
  • Multipoint Technology for pairing 2 devices simultaneously.
  • No Pin Pairing and Auto Power On.
  • Maximum Bluetooth Range is 30 feet.
  • Automatically detects 5V (home) or 12V (car) Power Supply.
  • To achieve best quality sound, mobile device should be at maximum volume.
  • AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile) not supported.
  • Not compatible with car entertainment system’s command and control functions (ie steering wheel volume control).
  • Does not support handsfree calling.

Questions? See the CoolStream Duo Bluetooth Music Receiver FAQ or use the Contact Form to send us a specific question not found in the FAQ Section.

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7 customer reviews
5 out of 5 stars


September 27, 2020

Fantastic device, works great with original Bose iPod docking station- Awesome!

Mike R

motorcycle bluetooth

July 04, 2020

Makes it so nice to have bluetooth I use it on my 2010 Yamaha stratoliner Deluxe which will charge the battery and my 2008 Honda Goldwing but must have a charged battery to work.


June 19, 2020

Would like a plug to play my iPhone musia

Cecelia Brambila


June 10, 2020

I have had my cool stream for two years now. I use it primarily on my Victory CCT, motorcycle. I also use it on an indoor docking station, set up for iPhone. I had just learned that I can use it on my boat as well. Radio stations suck, this allows my to play my music wherever I want. Strongly recommend!


For my victory cross country 2014

June 05, 2020

Chris Nelson


June 04, 2020

What a fantastic device plugged right into my Victory cross countrys existing plug in the bag and connected right away with system Bluetooth works great

William Mcglinchey


April 06, 2020