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CoolStream Docking Station Compatibility

Compatible Docks: The following docks work with the CoolStream Duo, the CoolStream Go, and the CoolStream BOOM! using the 30-pin iPod connector on the docking station.

ManufacturersModels Compatible with CoolStream Duo and CoolStream BOOM!
AlesisMultiMix 8
Altec LansingiM7, iM9, iM11, iM600, iMT325, iMT620, iMT702, iMT800, M202, M402, T612
ArcamrCube Portable Speaker
AppleiPod Hi-Fi
Beats by Dr DreBeat by Dr. Dre, Beatbox
BoseOriginal SoundDock for iPod, SoundDock Portable, SoundDock I, SoundDock II, SoundDock 10, Wave System III and II with Connect Kit for iPod, V25 Lifestyle, V35 Lifestyle
Boston AccousticsDuo-i Plus
BrookstoneBoomBox for iPod 623405, BoomBucket
Cambridge Soundworks745i, 765i, 8046
Channel VisionA0316
Creative LabsD160
CrosleyCR1701A iJuke
Cyber AcousticsCA461
DLOHomeDock for iPod, HomeDock Deluxe
FatmaniTube Dock
GenevaSound System Model L, Sound System Model M, Sound System Model S
Griffin TechnologyAmplifi 2.1 model 1200-ITSPKR, Evolve
Harmon KardonGo + Play, Go + Play II
iCraigCHT907, CHT910, CHT917, CMB3209 Alarm Clock
iDeckIntegrated Car Cassette for iPod
iHomeiA9, iA 5, iA17, iA63, iA100, iD37, iD7, iD8, iD91, iD99, iH16U, iH4, iH5, iH6, iH8, iH9, iH15, iH19 (2Go), iH27, iP1, iP2, iP4, iP9, iP11, iP16, iP21, iP23, iP37, iP46, iP87, iP90, iP97
iLiveIB289, IBPD882B CD/DVD/iPhone Boombox, IHS3, ISP389, IS608, ITP100B
iLuviMM747, i522, i9200 JWIN
IONBlock Rocker
iTecT2406 iStereo
JBLMR 17 Marine Stereo, Onstage, Onstage 2, On Stage 3, On Stage 4, On Stage 200iD, Onstage Micro, On Beat, On Time 200P, On Time Micro, Radial Micro 700
JVCRD-N1, Boomblaster RV-NB70B, Kaboom RV-B50
KickeriK150, iK5BT, iK500
Klipsch iGroove iPod Dock models 1000330 and 1001092, iGroove HG 1006819, iGroove SXT 1007267, iGroove SXT 1008329, iGroove SXT 1009098
LogitechMM50, Audio Station S-0217A, S135i, S315i, S715i, Pure Fi Anywhere 2, Pure Fi Anywhere S-0001, Pure Fi Elite
MarantzIS201 dock
MemorexMA2213, MA9010MS, MI3005 iMove, MiHTS302, M2290
Merkury InnovationsMI-CR5010
MirageOmniVibe iPod Speaker
MonsterTron IPD-DK EFS
Niles AudioSmartDock 2
Onkyo DS-A3, DS-A4
PanasonicSA-BT100, SA-BT200, SA-PM42
PhilipsAJ7030, AJ7035, AJ7040D, DC290/37, DC320/37, DC390/37, DC570, DCB291, DCB293, DCB352, DCD132, DCM2020, DCM278/37, DCM230/37, DS1100, DS1110, DS1200, DS3000, DS3010/37, DS3510, DS7550, DS7700, SBD7500
Polk AudioHD Radio I-Sonic, Midock Studio, MiDock 10,
PyleHome PHST96, Home PiDock 1, PA Speaker PWMA1090ui
SamsonExpedition XP40i
SamsungHW-C700 with iPod dock
Sharper ImageSA255, iTower SM252
SkullcandySkull Candy pipe, Vandal S7LACZ-04
SonyAIR-SA17Ti, AIR-SW10Ti, ATS-SW10Ti, CPF-iP001P, ICF-1iP, ICF-7iP, ICF-C05iP, ICF-C1iPMK2, CMT-MX700Ni, ICF-CS10iP, MHC-EC909iP, RDH-GTK1i, RDP-M15iP, RDP-M5iP, RDP-V20iP, RDP-X30iP, RDP-XF100iP, SRS-GU10iP, ZS-S2iP, ZS-S4iP, Marine Stereo CDX-H905ip
TEACCD-X10i, DS-18 iPod Dock, SR-L250iB, SR-LX5i
TivoliAudio iSongBook, iYiYi
YamahaCRX-330, MCR-230, PDX-11, PDX-30, PDX-31, PDX-60, E810, TSX-70, TSX-130

Incompatible Docks: the Duo, the Go, and the BOOM! will NOT work when using the 30-Pin iPod connector found on the dock. Check your dock for an Aux port (AUX-In, Line-In) to use the Duo or the BOOM! on battery power. A dual-tipped 3.5 mm Aux cable is included with both the Duo and the BOOM!.

ManufacturersModels NOT Compatible with CoolStream Duo and CoolStream BOOM!
Altec LansingM602, IMT630 (Duo too thick), IMT810
Bang & OlufsenBeoPlay A8, BeoSound 8
BoseWave III Dock with Bose Link Cable
Bowers & WilkinsZeppelin, Zeppelin, Air, Zeppelin Mini
BrookstoneiPod Stereo Dock PS236A, iDesign Powerspeaker
Cambridge AudioiD100
Channel VisioniBus A-0314, iBus AB-313 Whole House Audio
DenonASD-R11, ASD-51W, DSD-500
Directed ElectronicsSoloist Universal Sound System
DLOHomeDock for iPod
Harman KardonAVR 3600
iHomeiDN38, iP49, iH52, iHL64, iP3, iP71
iLiveIS208B, iH3198B, iHH810B Home Theater System
KenwoodKMR-700U Marine USB/iPod Receiver
KlipschiFi speaker system,
LGLHB953 Network Blu-Ray Disc Home Theater System
LogitechPure Fi Express Plus S-00067
MarantzConsollete MS7000
Monitor Audioi-deck 200
OnkyoCR-445, CR-545, CS-345 CD HiFi Mini, Lunar 350, HT-R580, HT-6305, SBX-300, TX-Sr508, UP-A1
PanasonicSA-BT30, SA-PM500, SA-PT670, SA-PT750, SA-PT950, SA-PT960, SC-BTT370, SC-HC20, SC-HC25, SC-HC30, SC-HC35, SC-HC37, SCHC271
ParrotZikmu Solo
PhilipsAJ32700/17, DCM5090/10, DCM580, Fidelio DS9000, DS9, DS9/37, DS8550, DS8530, DS8500
PioneerSTZ-D10Z, X-EM21, XW-NAS3, XW-NAV1-K
PylePSBM60i, Tower 2.1
RussoundBGK-1 iBridge
SamsungAll models of Home Theater and/or Blu-Ray devices
SonyAIR-SA15TI, AIR-SA20PK, BDV-E300, BDV-E500W, BDV-T10, BDV-T11, BRAVIA Home Theater System, CMT-BX20i, CMT-CX4iP, CMT-FX300i, CMT-LX20i, CMT-LX30iR, CMT-MX500i, CMT-MX550i, CMT-V50iP, DAV-DHX576WF, DAV-HDX589W, DAV-HDX285, DAV-HDZ273, EZW-RT10 Airplay, HCD-BX20i, HCD-LX201, HCD-MX500i, HT-SS380, ICF-CD3iP, ICF-CL75iP, ICF-CS15iP, LBT-ZX66i, MHC-EC69i, MHC-EC609iP, MHC-EC709iP, NAS-SV20i, RDH-GTK33iP, RDH-SK8iP, RDP-T50iP, RDP-X200iP, RDP-X500iP, RDP-X50iP, RDP-X60iP, TDM-iP1, TDM-iP10, TDM-iP20, TDM-iP50, XDR-S10hdiP, S-AirPlay, S-Air Wireless, SS-SLK2i
Wadia170i Transport iPod Dock
YamahaCRX-040, CRX-300, CRX-332, MCR-040, MCR-042, PDX-50, RX-V2700, RX-V667, TSX-132, YDS-10, YDS-11 Dock for Home Theater Receivers, YDS-12 Dock for Home Theater Receivers, YSP-4100
Vers2X iPod Sound System