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CoolStream with phone we call it CoolStreaming while multi-tasking as mentioned in the gadgeteer and AppleInvestigator

How Cool is CoolStreaming?

We call it CoolStreaming, but really how cool is the idea of music streaming? In a word, very. Couple music streaming with using your CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver so you don’t lose the access to your phone whilst you stream and you are in a whole new world of relaxed and productive. Just the idea that I can pick out a genre, or an artist, and these sites will choose songs for me is “ahhhh” inspiring.   We make choices all day, just think about one quick trip to Starbucks, hmm, what to get, what to get? How about the menu at TGI Fridays; it should have a table of contents and an index. How about sitting down to watch a little television and quickly scanning through 900 stations to find a good show to watch? I think this is why music streaming sites are such a breath of fresh air. All you have to do is give them a hint and they do the rest.

There is a variety of Streaming sites out there from which to choose. There many great streaming sites which have huge libraries and lets you use most of their functions for free. There is of course the most well known of all the sites, Pandora. You can stream for “free” if you don’t mind a few interruptions or you can get an account. Spotify has received a lot of press recently and is set up a lot like Pandora with the no account – limited streaming, $5 account for unlimited streaming or $10 a month mobile app. The list of streaming sites is now pretty extensive and can be as customized or generic as you like. A quick Google search and you should be able to find just the right flavor to suite your taste.

Using your CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver really brings streaming music to a whole new level. Stream while you’re working, stream while you’re driving and never lose access to your phone. Now that’s cool.