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Dan from Australia Reviews CoolStream Duo

CoolStream Duo Bluetooth Receiver in the box

The latest review of a CoolStream product comes from Dan Davis of Australia and he reviews the CoolStream Duo on his YouTube channel, DansTube.TV (TheIpodTouchWorld).  With the help of his friend Tyrone, Dan tests the CoolStream Duo with a variety of Bluetooth enabled devices and found it was “quite easy to connect” and that it was “a really great product for our gym set-up”.  Dan was happy to report that if you have a party speaker and want to keep your phone safely in your pocket that the CoolStream Duo was the perfect product.

Here Dan reviews the CoolStream Duo in a video, please click to enjoy.

He found the CoolStream Duo to be an excellent addition to the audio equipment in his home gym.

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