What is the Difference between the Duo and the CarPro?

Good Question!  Let’s talk about what they have in common first.

  1.  All of our CoolStream Bluetooth Receiver products use the 30-pin iPod connector to retrofit iPod docking stations and cars with iPod cables.  We test all of our receivers (Duo, BOOM!, and CarPro) with the factory-installed, 30-pin iPod cables in cars, motorcycles, and boats.  As well as any 30-pin iPod docking stations we can find.  Our goal is to get you streaming music with docks and cars you already have using the best CoolStream product for your needs.  We are obsessed with lists.  Please take a look.
  2. CoolStream is music-focused.  None of our products have microphones and will NOT work to make phone calls.  If you have Bluetooth for voice in your vehicle, CoolStream will always pause your music and let you take your call.  After you hang up your call, CoolStream will pick up the music right where you left off.
  3. CoolStream works with ALL iPhones and ALL Android phones, as well as any Bluetooth enabled computers, Laptops, and Tablets.  If it can transmit Bluetooth, CoolStream can Receive it.
So how are they different, and which CoolStream is right for me?

The quick answer –  Duos and BOOM!s:  best for docks        CarPros:  Best for Cars

The Duo and BOOM! are designed to retrofit docking stations with an iPod connector to stream music.  This is where they really shine. A rechargeable battery and Aux jack add to their overall versatility in providing music streaming via Bluetooth in many situations.  They both work with PA systems, Music Amps, Stereos, BoomBoxes, SoundBars etc..,with an AUX port.  If it has an AUX port…You can plug in the Duo or BOOM!  We even include a dual-tipped 3.5 mm AUX cable to make it happen.

The CarPro has sophisticated software that communicates with the high end stereo systems in cars like Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, and Mini and some others.  And this is where the CarPro shines.  The Duo and BOOM! do not have this software and will NOT work with these luxury cars.

So what is the difference between the Duo and the BOOM!?

Sound Quality.

The BOOM! is equipped with an internal sound processor.  This 3D sound enhancers turn your everyday music streaming into a 3 dimentional sound experience.  While surround sound takes music and sends it to your right ear, left ear, behind you and in front you…3 D Audio takes that same sound and processes it to mimic the sound that happens in all the spaces in between.  It uses the sound data to factor in the latency that happens when a sound is made, to when the sound is received by our ears.  If a sound comes from the left, our right ear will hear it just a little bit later than our left ear.  Factoring in this latency gives the BOOM! the capacity to make the music sound fuller and more realistic.  The BOOM! is really great with headphones.


What is the CarPro?

CoolStream CarPro in Aston Martin


The CoolStream CarPro is a Bluetooth Receiver that has been specifically designed to work with cars and motorcycles that come with a factory installed 30-pin iPod cable. The main advantage of the CarPro is that the software included in the CarPro will allow for the use of your steering wheel controls in your car or the handlebar controls on your motorcycle. Also, if you are using an iPhone you will also be able to see your iTunes displayed onto your entertainment screen.


How will I know if it will work for me?

The CarPro has been specifically designed for and will work with:





Mercedes – years 2011 or earlier


Motorcycles Compatible with CarPro

It is important to note however that if you don’t own an Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Mini or Mercedes we have had great results testing the CarPro on many different makes and models.

Please refer to our latest research to see if your car is listed here:


CarPro Compatibility with other cars list


What is the Duo?



The CoolStream Duo is a Bluetooth Receiver that is really great for docking stations with the traditional Apple 30-Pin iPod connector, like a Bose SoundDock, as well as some cars and motorcycles too. We have very extensive lists of all the docking stations, cars and motorcycles we work with and encourage you to check out our research to see if we are a good fit for your streaming needs.


DOCK Compatibility – CoolStream Duo


CAR & MOTORCYCLE Compatibility – CoolStream Duo