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Duo on the Slopes

So it is only January and your new phone is barely out of the bubble wrap.  It is however January, and time to ski.  What to do, what to do?  Hide it, that’s what you do.

The CoolStream Duo converts any pair of ear-buds in Bluetooth ear-buds.

The CoolStream Duo shown with ski gloves and earbuds

While we have the “over-the-ear” vs. “earbud” conflict in our house regularly, there is no denying that the earbud is clearly the only way to go when it comes to skiing.  It is more than a little tough to negotiate the helmet and the headphones.  Score one for the ear bud camp.  But you still want to keep your phone safely tucked away.  This is where the CoolStream Duo has become the best ski accessory this season.  Plug your ear buds into the Duo, pair the Duo with your phone, put the phone in a safe place, and tuck the Duo…well…anywhere.  It is small, light, flat and won’t pull you earbuds out.  This then leaves the helmet free for the Mohawk hat, the Court Jester hat, the Rastafarian Dreadlocks hat and oh so many more.  And yes, you guessed it, another in-home conflict.  “Helmet hats Cool…Not Cool…discuss amongst yourselves.”

The CoolStream Duo shown here is small enough to tuck into turtle fur.

But whether your helmet is bald and beautiful or decked out in dreads, skiing with your music is just plain fun.