How do I stop the music skipping when using the CarPro?

This FAQ answers How do I stop the music skipping when using the CarPro.


The music skipping is caused by a conflict between the Bluetooth of the CarPro and your car’s Bluetooth for Hands Free Calling.

If you are using an iPhone, we recommend updating your iPhone to the latest version of iOS.  Many customers have reported that the latest iOS has removed the skipping problem.

If you are using a music app such as Pandora or Spotify, we recommend reinstalling these apps.  We also suggest disconnecting your phone from the car’s Hands Free and allowing the music to play for several minutes.  Then you can try to reconnect to the Hands Free.

Some customers have also reduced the skipping significantly by turning off Sync Contacts between their iPhone and their car’s Hands Free. Please follow these steps to turn off this function.

1. On your iPhone go to Settings -> Bluetooth


Sync 1


2. Tap the i icon next to the name of your car’s Hands Free.


Sync 2


3. Slide the button next to “Sync Contacts” to the left in order to turn it off.


Sync 3


4. The result will be that your contacts will not be in the car’s Hands Free interface.


We are working closely with our engineers to resolve the skipping problem. If you are experiencing this problem please send us an email with your car model & year, brand of telephone and operating system. Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.


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