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Does the Cambridge 765i work with the Duo?

Yes, the CoolStream Duo is compatible with the Cambridge 765i docking station. You can plug the Duo into the 30 pin connector of this docking station to stream music or podcasts from your phone, tablet, or laptop.  The CoolStream Duo works with All iPhones and All Android phones.

Cambridge works with CoolStream
Streaming music with the CoolStream Duo and Cambridge Soundworks

The CoolStream Duo turns older docking stations like this beauty from Cambridge into Bluetooth speakers. The 30-pin iPod connector powers the Duo and is also the audio jack for the music coming from the paired phone. You can leave the CoolStream Duo on the dock all the time. It will not hurt your docking station nor the Duo’s rechargeable battery.

Cambridge 765i docking station
Cambridge 765i compatible with CoolStream

For more information about compatible (and non-compatible) docking stations, check out the Docking Station Compatibility page.

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