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Can I add Bluetooth to Bose Acoustic Wave Music System AW-1?

In 1984, the arrival of the Bose Acoustic Wave Music System model AW-1 changed the sound and size of home stereo systems forever.

This tabletop mini HiFi introduced the world to Amar Bose’s Waveguide speaker technology, and now CoolStream can upgrade the AW-1 with Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth Kit from CoolStream for the AW-1.

Bose Acoustic Wave Music Systems enjoy a Bluetooth upgrade from CoolStream

The CoolStream Duo will pair with any iPhone or Android phone and includes Multipoint Pairing. You can pair two devices with the Duo at the same time.

Enjoy the low-latency crystal clear sound of Bluetooth 5.0 streaming to your beloved Bose. Anything you can play on your phone will play through to your speaker. The entire Bluetooth Kit connects conveniently behind the stereo, keeping that vintage look to the stereo system that changed the industry.

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