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How to make the car stereo recognize the CarPro?

music saved to iphone

To make the car stereo recognize the CarPro, we recommend the following.  Some customers have been able to pair their phone with the CarPro, but the car stereo does not communicate with the CarPro.

First recommendation is to download and save to your phone at least one song.  The CarPro was initially designed to Bluetooth music saved on your phone to the car stereo.  So having music saved on your phone is very important for establishing the communication between the CarPro and the car stereo.

car stereo recognizes music saved to phone
Music saved to iPhone allows car stereo to recognize CarPro


It is important that the music is saved to your phone versus to the cloud.  The above picture shows how you can tell where your music is saved on the iPhone.


Another recommendation is to make sure that your phone is updated to the latest operating system (ie latest iOS or Android version).  We recommend the following steps.

  1. Remove CarPro from your iPod cable.
  2. Delete the CarPro from your phone’s Bluetooth devices.
  3. Update your phone to the latest operating system
  4. After update make sure to completely shut down and restart the phone
  5. Pair phone to your car’s Hands Free Bluetooth
  6. Plug the CarPro on to your iPod cable
  7. Wait for CarPro to appear under Bluetooth devices on your phone
  8. Tap CarPro to pair.  Pin is 4 zeros (0000)
  9. Play music



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