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Does the CarPro work with the Acura RL 2006?

Yes, the CoolStream CarPro for BMW will work with the Acura RL 2006. By using the CarPro, you will be able to stream music from your iPhone or Android phone to Acura’s music system’s speakers. Just plug the CarPro onto the 30 pin iPod cable in the glove box.

CoolStream CarPro streams music in the 2006 Acura RL
The CoolStream CarPro for BMW on iPod Cable in the 2006 Acura RL.

Pairing the CarPro is easy using the Bluetooth setting on your phone and the pairing code of 0000 – four zeros.

Enjoy all music saved to your phone or stream from any music app that you like.  Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube, Audible, etc., are all available using the CarPro.

You must have at least one song that you own or have purchased saved to the music library on your phone to complete the connection with Acura’s MMI system.  For more information about this critical piece to the pairing process, please read this short FAQ.

Enjoy music display, and song control from on the steering wheel and stereo of the Acura for all iTunes saved to your iPhone.  Song display is not supported for music apps and Android devices.  The steering wheel and stereo head unit control is supported for music saved to your Android music library.


The 2006 Acura RL powers up the CoolStream CarPro for BMW.
The 2006 Acura RL works with CoolStream CarPro

Read this for Pairing and connecting tips with the CarPro.

Troubleshooting Tips

CoolStream CarPro Quick Start Guide

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