Does the CarPro work with the Acura RL 2006?

Yes, the CoolStream CarPro for BMW will work with the Acura RL 2006. By using the CarPro, you will be able to stream music from your iPhone 6 or iPhone 5 to the Acura’s speakers. Just plug the CarPro into the 30 pin iPod cable in the Acura’s glove box.

CarPro with Acura
CarPro on iPod Cable in Acura RL 2006


The CarPro works with the music controls on the steering wheel of the Acura. The CarPro will also display the music that you have downloaded and saved on your iPhone.


Acura with CarPro
Acura RL 2006 works with CoolStream CarPro

You will be able to stream Pandora and Spotify, but the song and artist information will not be displayed, and the steering wheel controls will not work with these apps.

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