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How do I connect my Windows Laptop to the Duo?

Windows laptop works with Duo

Here is a step by step set of instructions on how to connect your Windows 10 laptop with the CoolStream Duo.

  • Turn off the Bluetooth function of any phone or tablet that is paired or has been paired with the CoolStream Duo and any other Bluetooth enabled device that is in range of the CoolStream Duo.

Bluetooth off

  • Take the Duo off your docking station and slide the button on top of the Duo to the left.  This will turn on the battery, and the light on the Duo should blink blue.
  • Place the CoolStream Duo on your Windows laptop.
  1. CoolStream Duo works with Laptop
    • On your laptop, click the Windows Start Menu Icon.

  • Click the settings icon.

  • Click Devices icon under Windows Settings.

  • Click Add Bluetooth or other device button.

  • Click the Bluetooth button under Add a device.

  • Click CoolStream Duo

  • After clicking CoolStream Duo, the word Connecting should appear underneath CoolStream Duo.

  • Once the laptop is paired to the CoolStream Duo, you will see the word Connected underneath CoolStream Duo.  Then click Done.

  • Plug CoolStream Duo back on to docking station and play music from your laptop.
Windows laptop works with Duo
Laptop streaming music to CoolStream Duo on Bose SoundDock.


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