How do I add Bluetooth Audio to my Infiniti?

How do I add Bluetooth Audio to my Infiniti?

The CoolStream CarPro for BMW adds Bluetooth Audio to BMW, Infiniti, Victory, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Nissan, Lexus, and Volvos with iPod cables.


The CoolStream CarPro for BMW is the Bluetooth Audio streaming solution for the following models (*) built by Infiniti.


EX-35 2008 (*), EX-35 2009 (*), FX35 2006, FX35 2007, FX35 2008, FX35 2009, FX45 2008, G35 2008 (*), G37 2008 (*), G37 2009, G37 2012, G37X 2008 (*), G37X 2009, M35 2008, M35 2009, M35X 2008, M35X 2009, M35X 2010, M45X 2011 (*)

(*) Not all Infiniti cables provide enough power.

Please note an asterisk next to a model means that the cable from Infiniti does not provide enough power to charge an iPod or consistently turn on the CarPro.  These models need the CoolStream CarPro Kit for Infiniti.


CoolStream CarPro Bluetooth Kit for Infiniti, Nissan, and Volvo provides the additional power needed for under powered cables found in some models from these manufacturers.

Features and Functionality

The CarPro pairs with and streams music from all iPhones and Android phones.  It seamlessly pauses your music when a phone call comes in, and as soon as you hang up, the music resumes.

You can browse, skip and control your iTunes saved to your iPhone using the steering wheel and stereo control buttons. Display your entire iTunes music library or playlists on your car’s entertainment screen from your iPhone or iPad.

Android phones lack the display feature, but all music saved to the music library can be controlled from the stereo or steering wheel buttons.

After your first pairing, the CarPro will AutoConnect every time you enter your car with your Bluetooth on.


CoolStream CarPro for BMW when paired to Victory, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Infiniti, Nissan, Toyota, and Subaru iPod MMI cables allows for song display and control of your iTunes saved to your iPhone.


You must have a song you own saved to your music library.

If you have never bought a song or have a new phone that has no music you own saved to it, YOU MUST BUY ONE SONG. This song tells the software in the CarPro that there are playable tracks on this phone. Without it, the sound of silence. Once you have one song, ALL Music Streamin Apps will work.

If you have never purchased a song and need help or would like more information about this critical piece needed to make the CarPro work with your stereo, read this short FAQ.


The CoolStream CarPro for BMW needs one song saved to the music library of iPhones and Android phones to stream music.


For more details about the display features and functionality of the CarPro, read this short post.

With the right cable, the CoolStream CarPro for BMW powers on with a flashing light and shows it is paired by a solid blue light.

Please note that the CoolStream CarPro for BMW is NOT compatible with most aftermarket iPod car cables such as Dension Gateway, Griffin AutoPilot, Pioneer AVIC F700BT, Sony WXGT 77U1, USA-Spec PA15-HON2Y, USA-Spec PA15-NIS, USA-Spec PA15-TOY.

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Where can I buy CoolStream products?

CoolStream CarPro Quick Start Guide

CarPro Troubleshooting Tips


Have a question about the CarPro?  Contact-Us anytime via email. We are always happy to help.


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