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How does the Auto-Connect feature work?

The auto-connect feature of the CarPro works when both the power to the CarPro and the Bluetooth connection is disconnected.

The Auto-Connect feature of the CoolStream CarPro works when you get back in your car.

Powering on and pairing with the CarPro

The electricity needed to power the CarPro comes from your car via the MMI cable connected to your stereo. When you turn on your vehicle, you should see the blue light of the CarPro come on and blink. This indicates the CarPro is on and available for Bluetooth pairing from your phone.

The blue light on the CarPro will stop blinking and become solid when paired with your phone.

Powering off and unpairing the CarPro

When you turn off your vehicle, this should also turn off the power to the CarPro. Walking about 30 feet away from the car with your phone will sever your Bluetooth connection.

Upon your return, the CarPro will auto-connect when you turn on your car.

When does the auto-connect feature NOT work?

Each car will get factory settings regarding the accessories in the vehicle. These settings are called ‘courtesy timeouts.’  For example, when you turn off your engine, your lights and radio stay on for a set amount of time. Depending on the factory setting, it could be 5 or 10 minutes, and then these accessories will time out.

These courtesy timeouts also determine how long the power to your MMI cable will remain active, and the light on the CarPro will stay on and therefore be powered.

If you are having issues with your auto-connect, you should test to see how long it takes for the light of your CarPro to go out.

The factory may have set your courtesy timeout to be:

Immediate- meaning the power turns off with the car.

5, 10, 20 minutes – a test will tell you about your vehicle.

Never – meaning the power to the CarPro is constant.

How to test the courtesy timeout in your car.

Test your car by placing the CarPro while on the cable somewhere you can see it by looking in a car window. Turn on the vehicle. Do NOT pair with the CarPro and turn off your phone’s Bluetooth function before starting the test. Turn off the car and exit the car. Please keep track of the time it takes for the blue light of the CarPro to go out.

The following Scenarios assume a certain amount of time before the CarPro turns off.

Scenario I – Bluetooth is disconnected, CarPro has power.

You are driving along listening to music through your CarPro, and you need to make a quick stop to get milk. You turn off your car and walk into the store.

Problem: In this scenario, you have severed the Bluetooth connection by going 30 feet away from the CarPro with your phone. The courtesy timeout, however, has kept the CarPro powered.

Solution: Unplug the CarPro from the cable and plug it back in. Now you have severed both connections allowing the auto-connect feature to work.

Scenario II – My phone keeps pairing with the CarPro when I get home.

You have come home after listening to music in your car using the CarPro. You park your car in the garage and go inside.

Problem: The courtesy timeout has kept your CarPro powered on. Depending on where you are in your home relative to the CarPro, your phone’s Bluetooth will continue trying to connect.

Solution: Depending on your courtesy time out, you can turn off your phone’s Bluetooth for the 5 or 10 minutes needed. If your car powers the CarPro indefinitely, unplug the CarPro when you get home.

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