How to connect iPhone to Bose Docking Station?


How to connect an iPhone to my Bose Docking Station is a question we get a lot here at CoolStream.


The iconic Bose SoundDock with its legacy 30-pin iPod connector is a great stereo to stream all your music from your phone.  Connecting an iPhone using Bluetooth and the CoolStream Duo is easy.

Just Plug, Pair, and Play.

The CoolStream Duo Bluetooth Receiver connects all iPhones and Android phones to the Bose SoundDock docking station using wireless Bluetooth technology. Pairing your phone using Bluetooth lets you stream any music from your phone to your Bose dock.

connect iPhone to Bose Docking Station

If you are ready to connect your iPhone to the Bose SoundDock, follow these easy steps.

1. Plug the CoolStream Duo onto the 30 pin connector of the Bose.
2. The blue light should be blinking on the CoolStream
3. Go to Settings -> Bluetooth on your phone.
4. Tap CoolStream and wait for “Connected” to appear (3 seconds)
5. If required, the pairing code is 0000 (four zeroes)
6. Play music.

Please read this to learn more about the CoolStream Duo Bluetooth Receiver and all of its features and functionality.

The Duo is compatible with the Original iPod 12V Bose SoundDock, Bose SoundDock Portable, Bose SoundDock II, and the Bose SoundDock Connect Kit.

Please check our compatibility lists for other docking stations, stereos, cars, motorcycles, and marine stereos you may want to use again with a Bluetooth Upgrade from CoolStream.

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