How to turn on the battery of the CoolStream BOOM!?

top view of the buttons on the CoolStream BOOM!

Here is the top view of the CoolStream BOOM!  #3 is the battery power button.  Slide this button over to the left to turn the battery on and slide it to the right to turn the battery off.


1. 3.5 mm AUX Jack – Connect audio cable (included) to AUX Jack of home or car stereo to the BOOM! Also, to connect to wired headphones or earbuds.
2. Mode LED indicator
3. Battery power button
4. Battery/Bluetooth LED indicator
5. Mode selection button


The CoolStream BOOM! will charge on any 30-pin charging cable or 30-pin docking station.  The BOOM! is equipped with overcharge protection.  A fully charged BOOM! will provide up to 5 hours of continuous streaming.  The battery power button can be in either position for charging.

If you see a red and blue light blinking, the BOOM! is charging.  The BOOM! is fully charged when you no longer see the red light blinking.

CoolStream BOOM! comes in black and white
CoolStream BOOM available in white and black

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