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Does the Infiniti 2010 M35X work with the CarPro?

Infiniti M35X with CarPro

Yes, the CoolStream CarPro for BMW will work with the Infiniti 2010 M35X.  You will be able to connect your iPhone or Android phone to the CarPro through Bluetooth and stream your music to the Infiniti’s speakers.  For the CarPro to communicate with the Infiniti entertainment system, there must be at least 1 song saved to your phone’s music library.


CarPro works with Infiniti M35X
CoolStream CarPro works with Infiniti 2010 M35X

The CarPro works with the music controls on the steering wheel of the Infiniti. The CarPro will also display the music that you have downloaded and saved on your iPhone.  The CarPro ONLY displays song information for music downloaded and saved to an iPhone.


The CarPro must be connected to a 30 Pin iPod Cable that plugs into the Infiniti entertainment system port.  The CarPro will NOT work with iPod cables that plug ONLY into the USB port.

CarPro works with Infiniti iPod Cable
CarPro on 30 Pin Cable with Infiniti Port Connector

CoolStream can report that the Infiniti 2008 E35, 2009 E35, 2008 G35, 2008 G37, 2009 FX35, 2011 M45 have underpowered MMI cables and will only work with the CarPro and an additional Charge Adapter.

If you own one of the vehicles listed above we recommend the CoolStream CarPro Bluetooth Kit for Infiniti, Nissan, and Volvo.

CoolStream CarPro Bluetooth Kit for Infiniti, Nissan, and Volvo provides the additional power needed for under powered cables found in some models from these manufacturers.


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