iPod and Aux Mode on Victory Motorcycles

iPod and Aux modes are both available on your Victory stereo.

When using the CoolStream CarPro, iPod mode allows you to see all of your downloaded songs as well as the music you are streaming from sites like Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, and Amazon music.

iPod mode is also necessary to have access to your handlebar controls for volume, track-forward, and track-back.

Music streaming on your Victory motorcycle is best when the audio system is set to iPod.
iPod allows you to see your songs displayed and handlebar controls to work.


If iPod mode does not automatically show up for you try the following steps.

Turn the Bluetooth on your phone OFF first.

Both iPod and Aux modes will allow you to stream music to your Victory bike.  But when using the Carpro, iPod mode is what you want to see for all the features to be active.  To do this make sure that before you start the pairing process you turn OFF your Bluetooth on your phone.

Once Bluetooth is OFF, power on your bike.  The blue light on the CarPro should be blinking.  This sequence assures that the initial connection of the CarPro to the Victory stereo system has no conflict with also attempting to connect to your phone via Bluetooth.  The goal here is to establish the Victory stereo is available to accept command and control information from the CarPro’s software.

Then you want to pair your phone with the CarPro.

Connection steps for CarPro and Victory Stereo System
  1.  Turn OFF the Bluetooth on your phone.
  2. Start your bike.  The blue light on the CarPro should blink.
  3. Turn ON Bluetooth on your phone.
  4. Pair your phone with the CarPro.  PIN is 0000
  5. Stream your music.

If iPod mode does not automatically show up once you are paired to the CarPro press the MODE button on your handlebars until you see iPod on your screen.

For additional tips or any questions about your CarPro please send us an email.  We are always happy to help.


Author: CoolStream Lover

I can't seem to recall a time when there wasn't always music playing in my home. Starting with classical piano lessons from the age of 9 while my Dad blasted Johnny Cash, to my many years enjoying the local Boston music scene I have come to the conclusion that putting more music in your life is always a good thing.

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