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Does the Kawasaki 2017 Vaquero work with the CarPro

Yes, the CoolStream CarPro for BMW does work with the 2017 Kawasaki  Vaquero equipped with the Kawasaki iPod Kit (model K10400-040).

The CarPro works with ALL Kawasaki Motorcycles with this cable!

The CoolStream CarPro works with all models of iPhone and Android.  It allows you to stream your music to the Kawasaki speakers via Bluetooth.

Check out this video describing the full set up.

The difference between the CarPro and the Duo when using with a Kawasaki is the following.

  1. The CarPro supports the handlebar control buttons.  The CoolStream Duo does NOT.
  2. The CarPro displays song info when using an iPhone.  The CoolStream Duo does NOT.  Android does not support song display.

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2 thoughts on “Does the Kawasaki 2017 Vaquero work with the CarPro”

    1. The CoolStream CarPro will work with ALL Vaquero if they have the Kawasaki cable part #k10400-040. This is the cable with the 30-pin iPod connector on the end. Please note that if you have the Kawasaki cable part #k10400-041, this is the one with a 3.5 mm aux tip, you will need the CoolStream Duo.

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