Does the Kenwood Marine Stereo work with the CarPro?

Yes, the CoolStream CarPro for BMW does work with the Kenwood Marine Stereo (model KDC-MP225MR).  The CarPro will turn this solid Marine Stereo into a Bluetooth stereo. You will be able to pair your iPhone or Android phone to the CarPro and then stream music or a podcast to the Kenwood speakers.


For the CarPro to communicate with the KDC-MP225MR, there must be at least 1 song saved to the music library on your phone.

CarPro add Bluetooth to Kenwood Marine
CarPro Plugs into 30 Pin Cable of Kenwood Marine Stereo

The CoolStream CarPro plugs into the 30 Pin Cable of the Kenwood Marine Stereo.  The blue LED light will come on, and you can pair your phone with the CarPro.

The CoolStream CarPro only supports Bluetooth Music Streaming and is a fantastic way to add wireless music streaming to your boat’s stereo.  It does NOT have a Handsfree Phone Call function.

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