How do I get my Mercedes into AUX Mode?

The stereo of the Mercedes needs to be in AUX Mode in order for the CoolStream CarPro to work.  Sometimes it can be a bit tricky to find the AUX Mode.  Here are a couple of tips that we have received from Mercedes owners.

AUX mode tip for C300
Mercedes C300 Stereo Buttons
  1. Press the “DISC” button repeatedly until the AUX menu appears.
  2. In CD mode : Select CD/MP3 from the screen menu then in the next screen Select AUX
  3. Press the “DISC” button once and then press the “SYS” button until the AUX menu appears.

For those Mercedes owners that have the following button selection we have 1 more suggestion.

CDC button for AUX mode
2009 Mercedes with CDC button
  1. Hold the “CDC” button down for 5 seconds until the AUX Menu appears.

If you have more tips for getting your Mercedes into AUX mode, please leave a comment below and we will update this FAQ.


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