How do I get my Mercedes into AUX Mode?

The stereo of the Mercedes needs to be in AUX Mode in order for the CoolStream CarPro to work.  Sometimes it can be a bit tricky to find the AUX Mode.  Here are a couple of tips that we have received from Mercedes owners.

AUX mode tip for C300
Mercedes C300 Stereo Buttons

Solution #1

Press the “DISC” button repeatedly until the AUX menu appears.


Solution #2

CD mode GLK350

  • Hold down “DISC” button until CD or CD/MP3 appears on screen.  This is CD mode.
  • Use the command knob to scroll over to the “CD” option and select it.

AUX mode

  • AUX option should now appear.  Use the command knob to select it.


Solution #3

  • Press the “DISC” button once and then press the “SYS” button until the AUX menu appears.


Solution #4

For those Mercedes owners that have the following button selection we have 1 more suggestion.

CDC button for AUX mode
2009 Mercedes with CDC button
  • Hold the “CDC” button down for 5 seconds until the AUX Menu appears.

If you have more tips for getting your Mercedes into AUX mode, please leave a comment below and we will update this FAQ.


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