How do I get my Mercedes into AUX Mode?

Scrolling all the way down is sometimes necessary to see the AUX setting.

For the CoolStream CarPro to work, you need to have at least 1 song saved to the music library on your iPhone or Android phone.  If you have an iPhone, we recommend buying a song from iTunes and saving it to your iPhone.  Here are some quick steps.

  1. Go to the iTunes Store app. It is the icon with a pink background and white star.
  2. Tap on Music
  3. Pick a song from iTunes
  4. Tap the Price.
  5. Enter your Apple ID
  6. You can tap downloads to see the progress of the download.

If you only use streaming apps and this will be the only song you will own, please note that the CarPro will launch this song first after initialization is complete.  To stream from your app, such as Spotify, you will need to open the app to play music from Spotify.

The Mercedes’ stereo also needs to be in AUX Mode for the CoolStream CarPro to work.  Sometimes it can be a bit tricky to find the AUX Mode.  CoolStream recommends that you consult your Mercedes Owners’ Manual to find the correct way to switch your stereo to AUX mode.

But if the manual cannot be located or proves to be less than helpful, here are a couple of tips that we have received from Mercedes owners.

Solution #1

AUX mode tip for C300

Press the “DISC” button until Audio appears on the screen’s menu.

Select “Audio” from the menu using the control knob.  A drop-down menu should appear.

Scroll to the bottom of the drop-down menu and select “AUX”.  Sometimes “AUX” may not appear until you scroll down.

Make sure that your Mercedes is in Park.  You may also have to turn the key to the second position (battery power).

Solution #2

Press the “DISC” button repeatedly until the AUX menu appears.


Solution #3

CD mode GLK350

  • Hold down the “DISC” button until CD or CD/MP3 appears on the screen.  This is CD mode.
  • Use the command knob to scroll over to the “CD” option and select it.

AUX mode

  • AUX option should now appear.  Use the command knob to select it.


Solution #4

  • Press the “DISC” button once and then press the “SYS” button until the AUX menu appears.


Solution #5

For those Mercedes owners that have the following button selection, we have 1 more suggestion.

CDC button for AUX mode
2009 Mercedes with CDC button
  • Hold the “CDC” button down for 5 seconds until the AUX Menu appears.

If you have more tips for getting your Mercedes into AUX mode, please leave a comment below, and we will update this FAQ.

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