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How to pair CoolStream Duo with Mobile Device?

How to pair CoolStream Duo with a mobile device?  Follow these quick and easy steps to enjoy streaming music from your iPod dock.

Pairing the Duo to your phone is easy.
Plug the Duo on the dock, Pair the Duo with your phone, Play your music.
  1. Place the Duo on your iPod dock’s connector
  2. Take a look at the lights. A flashing blue light means the Duo’s Bluetooth is ready to pair. (An alternating red light means the battery is charging.)
  3. Open up Bluetooth on your phone. (Settings-Bluetooth)
  4. When CoolStream Duo shows up as a device option on your phone, tap on it
  5. Make your music selection either from your personal music library on your phone or any streaming app you might like.  Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, etc..and enjoy the sound now playing through your speaker

For more questions about your Duo, please check out the QuickStart Guide.

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