Does the Phillips iPod Dock DC290/37 work with the Duo?

Duo works with Phillips iPod dock

Does the Phillips iPod Dock DC290/37 work with the Duo?  The answer is yes.  The Phillips iPod Docking System DC290/37 has the old, wide 30 pin connector, and it works with the CoolStream Duo.

CoolStream Duo works with Phillips
Bluetooth music from iPhone to Phillips with Duo

The CoolStream Duo plugs into the 30 pin connector and allows you to Bluetooth your music from your phone to the Phillips iPod Dock speakers.

Here is a video showing how the CoolStream Duo works on the Phillips DC290/37.

The CoolStream Duo also works with other Phillips docking stations, including these models.

AJ7030, AJ7035, AJ7040D, DC290/37, DC320/37, DC390/37, DCB291, DCB293, DCB352, DCD132, DCM2020, DCM230/37, DS1100, DS1110, DS1200, DS3000, DS3010/37, DS3510, DS7550, DS7700

You can find a complete list of all the docks tested with the CoolStream Duo on our Compatibility Page.


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