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Does the 2009 Porsche 911 work with CarPro?

Yes, the CoolStream CarPro for Audi will work with the 2009 Porsche 911.  You will be able to connect your iPhone (including iPhone 7) or Android phone to the CarPro through Bluetooth and stream your music to the Porsche’s speakers.  For the CarPro to communicate with the Porsche entertainment system, there must be at least 1 song saved to your phone’s music library.


Porsche works with CarPro
Porsche 911 works with CarPro


The CoolStream CarPro works with the music controls on the steering wheel of the Porsche. The CarPro will also display the music that you have downloaded and saved on your iPhone.  ONLY song information for music downloaded and saved to an iPhone will be displayed.

CarPro displays songs
CarPro displays music downloaded and saved to your iPhone

Here are the comments from our Beta Tester.

The CarPro mostly works as intended:
• It seems to reliably connect to my phone each time I get into my car.
• I haven’t really checked, but it is either powering on immediately (not sure if it’s when I open the door or insert the key) or staying on. Either way, I have had no issues with the unit being powered on while I’m in the car.
• It will display song/album/artist on my car’s display for music saved on my phone.
• I can control the volume, skip to the next track, and go back to the previous track using my car’s head unit controls.
• It will play music using either the iPod or the Aux input selected in my car, but the iPod input provides more functionality (displays info and buttons to skip tracks work).

Overall, I’ve been very satisfied, but there have been a few issues:
• A couple of times, my car’s controls didn’t seem to work (no volume control, couldn’t skip tracks). One of those times, I switched from iPod to Aux, and that did the trick. I was able to switch back to the iPod, and everything worked fine. The other time, nothing seemed to work. I think I just left it off until I got out of my car. It worked fine the next time.
• Occasionally, I can control the volume from my car’s head unit, but the buttons to skip tracks don’t work.
• Occasionally, the music will play just fine, but the song/album/artist info does not display on the head unit.

All of the issues seem to be intermittent and will usually be corrected the next time I get in the car. However, when they do occur, I haven’t been able to correct the issues myself reliably. I haven’t tried unplugging the CarPro or turning the Bluetooth off/on on my phone, but one of those things might work.

The only functionality I really wish I could have would be to search for playlists/songs/artists in my Spotify using my car’s head unit, but I think that has more to do with the car’s system than with the CarPro.

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