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Troubleshooting Tips for CarPro

Troubleshooting Tips for CarProEmail us your question if you do not see your concern listed.

1. The Blue LED indicator does not come on.

a. Check our compatibility list to see if your car is compatible. An Asterisk indicates means you also need an additional charge adapter to power the CarPro.

b. Check your connections. Unplug and plug in the iPod cable from the car’s connector port if possible.

c. Check the CarPro by using any 30-pin iPod charging cable. If the blue light comes on, the CarPro can receive power.

d. Test your car/motorcycle MMI AMI MDI iPod cable with an iPhone 3 or iPhone 4, iPod, or Nano. Connect the Nano, iPod, or older iPhone to your iPod cable. Is the iPod or phone charging while on the cable? Can you stream music using the tester iPod or phone? To sum up, a good cable will charge the iPod or phone and stream music to the stereo.


Troubleshooting Tip for All Phones – You must have ONE song saved.


2. I cannot stream Spotify or Pandora. The phone is paired, but there is no music.

Make sure that you have downloaded and saved a song you own or have purchased to your phone’s music library. The software in the CarPro uses this song to identify your phone as a music source. Without a song, your phone looks like a computer to the CarPro and will not stream music. This step is not optional. If you see messages like ‘No Media Found’ your phone is not being detected because it lacks a song. For more details, please read this FAQ.  

If you have an iPhone follow these steps for buying a song.

a.  Go to the iTunes Store app. It is an icon with a pink background and a white star.

b.  Tap on Music.

c.  Tap the Price

e. Enter your Apple ID.

e.  You can tap downloads to see the progress of the download.

If you have an Android phone, follow these steps for buying a song.
  1. Go to the Google Play Store.
  2. Go to the Music section. – This is where you will be searching and buying music.
  3. In the Music section, swipe right to browse tabs like Genres, Top Album, or use the magnifying glass to search for a specific song.
  4. Once you have found the song of your choice, tap on it. Now you will be able to see the price of the song.
  5. A payment window will pop up. Tap ‘Buy’ to purchase this song.
  6. Open Google Play Music to see the song you have purchased. Select the song and tap Download.
Make a fresh start.

Once you have saved a song saved to your music library, be sure to update your phone to the latest operating system. After that, delete the CarPro from your Bluetooth devices and restart your phone.


Troubleshooting Tip for all vehicles and all phones.

Make sure your car stereo mode is set to AUX, Media, or iPod, depending on your vehicle.


3. I cannot pair the CarPro with my Phone.

Start by unplugging CarPro from the iPod cable. Then power down and restart the phone. Be sure to check your car for other Bluetooth devices. For example, a FitBit or Apple Watch can create a Bluetooth signal conflict with the CarPro.  Therefore, remove these items from the car before the initial pairing. Because the car interior is such a small space, the Bluetooth in these devices can cause a signal conflict with the CarPro. After that, plug the  CarPro onto your iPod cable and wait for CarPro to appear on your phone. Wait an additional 10 seconds before you tap to pair. The pairing code is 0000 (four zeros). The blue light on the CarPro should change from flashing to solid when paired to your phone.

4. Poor Sound quality or Interference with phone calls.

Start by removing the CarPro from the iPod cable. After that, delete all Bluetooth devices from the phone, including CarPro and the car’s hands-free. Next, you will need to update the phone to the latest operating system. Then shut down and restart the phone. Lastly, click the CarPro back onto the iPod cable and pair it with the phone.

5. Music is very soft.

Make sure that the volume on your phone is at MAXIMUM. Check the volume on your radio by switching the car stereo mode to Radio. Increase the volume and switch the mode back to AUX or Media. Check the settings on your phone in sounds and haptics.

6. CarPro was working and then stopped connecting to the phone.
      1. Unplug CarPro from the iPod cable.
      2. Delete CarPro from the phone’s Bluetooth devices.
      3. Turn off the Bluetooth function on the phone.
      4. Power off the phone and restart it.
      5. On the phone, go to Settings -> Bluetooth. Bluetooth should be off.
      6. Plug CarPro into iPod Cable.
      7. Wait for the blue light to blink.
      8. Turn on the Bluetooth function on the phone.
      9. Wait for CarPro to appear. Tap to pair. The pin code is 0000.
7. I cannot pause the music using my phone.

The pause function on your phone is disabled when connected to the CarPro.  Therefore, you need to use your car stereo and steering wheel controls when paired with the CarPro.  Pausing your music might be achieved by pressing down on the volume barrel, pressing the mute button, or pressing the volume up and down buttons simultaneously. Check your owner’s manual if the above suggestions are not pausing your music. Your phone will not.

Troubleshooting Tips for Motorcycles.

8. I cannot keep my motorcycle stereo in iPod mode.

For all of the CarPro functions to be active, your bike’s stereo needs to be in iPod mode. Firstly, you need to turn off the Bluetooth function on your phone and then turn on the bike. The CarPro LED should be blinking blue. Turn on the Bluetooth function on your phone, and the carPro should pair. The stereo should be in iPod mode.


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If the Troubleshooting Tips above do not answer your question or have a different issue not listed, please send us an email, and we will do our best to get you streaming.

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  1. Only one speaker like the rest 13pro max
    Returning to Amazon no way b to update firmware seemsc useless.

    1. When you only hear music from one speaker, checking your cable for wear and tear is essential. Another tip is to check the audio settings on your phone. Settings, Accessibility, Audio/Visual/ Mono. If you have the mono selection checked, all of your audio from both channels is funneled into one channel. We also have a one-year warranty on all our products and are happy to send replacement devices if needed.

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