Troubleshooting Tips for CarPro

Some Helpful Troubleshooting Tips


  1. The Blue LED indicator does not come on.

If possible, unplug and plug in the iPod cable from the car’s connector.  If possible, test cable with iPhone 3 or iPhone 4.


  1. The car stereo does not recognize CarPro. The phone is paired, but no music.

Make sure that you have downloaded and saved to your phone at least 1 song.  Update your telephone to the latest operating system, delete CarPro from Bluetooth devices, and restart the phone.  Make sure your car stereo mode is set to AUX or Media or iPod, depending on your car and model.


  1. Cannot pair with Phone.

Unplug CarPro from iPod cable.  Shut down and restart the phone.  Turn off other Bluetooth devices such as FitBit, Apple Watch, or Bluetooth headset.  Plug CarPro onto iPod cable.  Wait for CarPro to appear, wait an additional 10 seconds, tap to pair.  The pairing code is 0000 (four zeros).


  1. Music quality is not good, or music is skipping.

Remove CarPro from iPod cable.  Delete from Bluetooth devices on the phone.  Update phone to the latest operating system.  Shut down and restart the phone.  Plug CarPro onto the iPod cable and pair it with the phone.


  1. Music is very soft.

Make sure that the volume on your phone is at MAXIMUM.


    1. CarPro was working, then stopped connecting to the phone.
      1. Unplug CarPro from iPod cable.
      2. Delete CarPro from the phone’s Bluetooth devices.
      3. Turn off the Bluetooth function on the phone.
      4. Power off the phone and restart it.
      5. On the phone, go to Settings -> Bluetooth.  Bluetooth should be off.
      6. Plug CarPro into iPod Cable.
      7. Wait for the blue light to blink.
      8. Turn on the Bluetooth function on the phone.
      9. Wait for CarPro to appear. Tap to pair.  Pin code is 0000.


      1. I cannot pause the music.

You need to pause the music using the stereo or steering wheel controls, not the phone.  This could be achieved by pressing the volume barrel, the mute button, or pressing volume up and down simultaneously. There are many functions to each stereo but a limited amount of buttons in a car, so there is a good chance “pause” is a combination of buttons. Your manual or dealership may help find this feature.


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