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Song control on my Victory motorcycle – CoolStream CarPro

Song control on your Victory motorcycle is possible when streaming music using the CoolStream CarPro for BMW.  The CarPro lets you control the songs on your Victory motorcycle using the handlebar buttons.

Get your Victory Stereo into iPod mode.

When using the CoolStream CarPro with your Victory Stereo System, you want to see your stereo display iPod for all the display and song control features of the CarPro to work.  Only streaming music and volume control are available if you see AUX as the mode.

Please read this FAQ for all pairing steps and troubleshooting tips to achieve iPod mode on your Victory.

If you have problems getting the songs to advance forward or back (i.e., Android phone users), we recommend the following solution.

  1. Press down on the “TUN +” or “TUN –“ three times.

Pressing the TUN button will bring up the needed menu for song selection when using an Android phone on a Victory motorcycle.


  1. On the display should appear “next” or “prev”

Selecting Next or Prev with your handlebar buttons will control your song selections.


  1. Use the “Pre” button (below the MODE button) to make your selection.

Check out the following video, which demonstrates how to control the song selection on a 2014 Victory Cross Country.

Garmin Zumo Pairing Instructions.

If you are using your CarPro with a Garmin Zumo, please read this FAQ for the specific pairing instructions needed to connect your CarPro, Garmin, and stereo.

If you have additional questions regarding using an Android phone with your CoolStream CarPro, email us.  We are always happy to help.

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