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What is 3D Audio?

3D Audio is sound technology which is changing the way we hear recorded sound.  This is done by processing the audio to better mimic how we perceive sound in the real world.   This process uses both a timing and a frequency component to make audio decisions that allow us to hear recorded sound in a new and immersive way.

Graphic depiction of Binaural audio processing

In our every day life, every sound we hear comes in through our ears.  In conjunction with our brain, we determine the intensity, frequency, and timing of any sound we hear.  We are then able to accurately locate these sounds in 3 dimensions.  All that matters is what arrives at your left and right ears.  Your ‘sound experience’ is the result of sound coming to your left and right ears.

3D Audio is very different from Stereo Sound or Surround Sound

With traditional recordings, the sound is placed into different channels and then mixed to come out of different speakers in varying degrees.  While this is a far cry from the original Mono it also does not allow for any spatial variations.  With the 3D audio, these channels are processed to try to mimic how we perceive the sounds in an acoustic space.

this is a visual representation of 3D sound

The CoolStream BOOM! is equipped with an internal processor that calculates sound that has been recorded on specific channels.  It then processes these sounds and interprets them as moveable objects.  The sounds are then perceived as from a part of the surroundings rather than from a particular speaker.  The result is a fuller, more realistic and far more enjoyable sound experience.  It becomes, in essence, an acoustical illusion to the listener.

What are the 3 MODES on the BOOM! ?

The CoolStream BOOM! has 3 colors to represent the 3 different settings.

Red and Green together – This is the Music Mode providing broader sound than just the original Bluetooth.  There is a certain smoothness and clarity to the sound.

Red –  Movie ModeThere is a distinctive fullness to the sound that enriches the music and lets you feel like you are right in the song.

Green – Gaming ModeThis setting provides a crisper and immersive sound with clarity and enhanced dynamic range.

You can toggle through all of the different settings by using the Mode button on top of the BOOM!.

  1. 3.5 mm AUX Jack
  2. LED color output for different Modes: RED/Green, RED, Green
  3. Battery power button:    Left – OFF; Right – ON
  4. Battery and Bluetooth LED – Battery is RED Bluetooth is BLUE
  5. Mode Button – Press down to toggle through different modes

For a really great experience try your favorite songs with headphones!

Listening to the BOOM! with headphones is an experience not to be missed!
Listening to your favorite music on the BOOM! with headphones is an experience not to be missed!





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