What is downloaded music on your phone?

For the CarPro to stream music you must have at least one song saved  to the music library on your phone.  The software in the CarPro will use this song to communicate with your car stereo’s iPod system.  This song needs to be in the correct format for this communication to happen.  There are so many streaming sites now, and they all offer the option to download songs with an active subscription.  These songs are in the wrong format and will not work to establish the connection between the car stereo, the CarPro and your phone.

A song that you own, that is saved into your music library is in an MP3 format, or in the case of Apple, it will be in AAC format.  This is the correct formats for proper initialization with the cars iPod system.

Music downloaded from a streaming site is in the wrong format.

When you have access to a streaming site such as Spotify or Apple Music, as long as you have a paid subscription you can listen to any music you like in their catalog.  What gets confusing is that with your subscription they also allow you to ‘download’ the music so that you can listen offline.  As long as you maintain your paid subscription you will have access to this music.

The problem is that this ‘downloaded’ music is not in either MP3 or AAC format needed for the CarPro.  It is actually in a ‘DRM Protected‘ format which means that the digital content is restricted on how it can be used.  The streaming companies have done this to protect themselves from having users get a one-month subscription, download all the music they like, and then cancel the subscription.

How can you buy music in the right format?

If you have an iPhone and have no saved music in your music library, then you will need to buy a song.  Here is a link to the instructions on how to do this from Apple.

How to buy a song if I have an iPhone


If you have an Android phone here are the instructions to purchase a song.


How to buy a song if I have an Android Phone


Streaming music and streaming services are a great way to learn about new music.  You can put together a playlist for a party or spend an afternoon with some old favorites.  The important thing to remember is, your access to the catalog, is the power of the service.  They own the rights to the songs.  As soon as you cancel your subscription, anything that you may have ‘downloaded’ is no longer available to you.

A song that you buy, is yours forever.


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