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What is the difference between the Duo and the CarPro?

The Duo and The CarPro by CoolStream Bluetooth Devices
The difference between the Duo and the CarPro has everything to do with where you want to stream your music.

Do you have a docking station, car, motorcycle, boat, guitar amplifier, P.A. System?  Then CoolStream probably has a product just for you and your stereo.

What do they have in common?
  1. They both use the 30-pin iPod connector for power and music streaming.
  2. They are both for music streaming only.

hardware and software

The CarPro has:

  1. Sophisticated software needed for luxury car stereos and motorcycle stereo systems.
  2. Bluetooth for music streaming only.  This will not work for voice/phone calls.
  3. No internal battery.  The iPod cable supplies the power to the CarPro from the engine.
  4. No Auxiliary Jack.  You cannot use the CarPro unless you have a 30-Pin iPod connector.

The Duo has:

  1. An internal rechargeable battery.  This allows you to take the Duo off the dock and use it on the go.
  2. An Aux Jack.  This allows for audio to be streamed to any stereo with a corresponding AUX-In port. The dual-tipped Aux cable needed comes with your Duo.
  3. Bluetooth for music streaming only.  This will not work for voice/phone calls.
The CoolStream Duo

The CoolStream Duo is designed to stream music to iPod docking stations like the Bose SoundDock.  Plug the Duo directly onto the 30-pin  connector of the dock, Pair the Duo with your phone or tablet, and Play music saved to your phone or from any streaming app like Apple Music.  The Duo also works for music streaming on all Victory, Yamaha, and Kawasaki motorcycles using the manufacturer’s iPod connect kits.

Enjoy streaming music from your favorite iPod dock again with the CoolStream Duo.

The CoolStream CarPro.

The CarPro provides music streaming in Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Land Rover, Infiniti, Lexus, and so many more vehicles equipped with a 30-pin iPod cable.  It also works for music streaming in all motorcycles from Victory, Yamaha, and Kawasaki using the manufacturer’s iPod connect kit.

CoolStream CarPro is the answer for music streaming using the 30-pin iPod cable found in the glove box and console of many Audi and Volkswagen models.

The CarPro is a stand-alone device.  Because it connects to the cables of so many different kinds of vehicles, it does not come with a cable.

Which CoolStream Product is right for me?

I want to stream music in my car.

The CarPro has sophisticated software that communicates with high-end stereo MMI systems in Mercedes (2005-2011), Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Mini, and those listed above.  If you want to stream music in a car, the CarPro is the best place to start for function and compatibility.

CarPro Compatibility with other cars list

The Duo does not have this software and will NOT work with these luxury cars.  Please see the compatibility tab in the store for the few cars that will work with the Duo.

CAR  Compatibility – CoolStream Duo

I want to stream music on my motorcycle.

The Duo and the CarPro are compatible with ALL Victory, Yamaha, and Kawasaki motorcycles equipped with the factory-installed 30-pin iPod cable from the manufacturer.

What’s the difference between the Duo and the CarPro for streaming music to my motorcycle?

Either device will work on your motorcycle.  You get to decide on the function and features that best fit your riding style and budget.

The Duo provides great-sounding Bluetooth music streaming.  There will be no song display or handlebar controls other than volume.

The CarPro provides Bluetooth music streaming using iPhone and Android phones.  Song display, music control using handlebar buttons for iTunes saved to your iPhone and streaming sites.  Display is not available for Android phones.

The CoolStream Duo IS compatible with the HD Boom Cable found on Harley-Davidsons.  The CarPro is NOT.

I want to stream music to my iPod docking station

The CoolStream Duo has been tested with hundreds of docks.   We do not guarantee Docking station compatibility with the Duo.  Please look for your dock before purchase or contact us if you are uncertain.

DOCK Compatibility – CoolStream Duo

I want to stream music using an auxiliary port.

The CoolStream Duo, equipped with a rechargeable battery and Audio Line Out port, will add Bluetooth to any dock, stereo, car, motorcycle, amp, or PA system with a Line-In port.

For more details on using Aux ports and the Duo.

CoolStream Products works with ALL iPhones and Android phones and any Bluetooth-enabled computer, Laptop, and Tablet.  If it can transmit Bluetooth, CoolStream can receive it.

I want to stream music using RCA ports.

Many stereos, like the Bose Wave Radio, have RCA jacks in the back of the stereo.  The Duo can connect to all of them with an RCA to 3.5 mm cable.  We have assembled everything you need to add Bluetooth for on-demand streaming.



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