Will CoolStream Duo work with Bose SoundDock III?

CoolStream Duo working with the Bose SoundDock 3

Will the CoolStream Duo work with the Bose SoundDock III?  The answer is yes.  While the Bose SoundDock III comes with the lightning connector and the CoolStream Duo is designed to fit the original iPod connector, you will need a workaround.  The solution is to use the rechargeable battery feature of the CoolStream Duo.  You will need to connect your Duo to your Bose SoundDock III using a 3.5 mm dual-tipped cable that we provide for you.  With this setup, you can add Bluetooth capabilities to your Bose.

The CoolStream Duo uses the Aux input on the back of the Bose Sounddock 3
Use the 3.5 mm dual-tipped cable that comes with your Duo

On the back of your Bose, as shown above, there is a port for Audio in.  Plug one end of the dual-tipped cable here and the other end into the top of your CoolStream Duo.  With this cable, you are connecting the Duo to the Bose SoundDock III.  It is now time to pair your phone with the CoolStream Duo.  Go to setting, turn on your Bluetooth, search for devices, tap on CoolStream Duo, and play your music.

The CoolStream Duo connected to the Bose SoundDock III using a 3.5 mm dual tipped cable

From here, it now becomes a matter of how you want to charge your internal battery to maintain streaming capabilities.  This can be done with any traditional apple 30-pin charging cable.  Using the Duo on battery power (with the top switch positioned to the left), you can enjoy 4-5 hours of streaming before it will need to be recharged.   If possible, we recommend connecting your charger to a power source close to your Bose so that you can maintain consistent power for uninterrupted streaming.

By connecting your charging cable to a close power source you can maintain uninterrupted streaming with your CoolStream Duo.


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