Will the Aux port in my car work with CoolStream BOOM!?

BOOM! in a car with an Aux port

Yes, the CoolStream BOOM! will work with the Auxiliary port in your car or motorcycle.  Better known as an Aux port, this line into your stereo will let you use the CoolStream BOOM! to stream music in your car or motorcycle.

In this vehicle you could use either a cigarette lighter to 30-pin charger, or a USB to 30-pin charger to keep your BOOM! fully charged all the time.  We have chosen a USB to 30-pin.  The BOOM! will NOT work if you only connect using the USB to 30-pin charging cable.  This is for keeping the BOOM! charged only.  You must have the Aux port in your car to connect to the stereo.

Aux port USB close up

We include a dual tipped 3.5 mm cable with every BOOM! so you can use the BOOM! with any vehicle or motorcycle that has an Aux port.

The 3D Sound enhancement, Bluetooth 5.0 and APTx all work together to give the BOOM! amazing sound quality.

The CoolStream BOOM! has an internal rechargeable battery.  This means that once you have charged the BOOM!, which can be done on any traditional Apple 30-pin charger, you can use the BOOM! in your car or on your motorcycle.

If you do not have a nearby power source to your Aux port please see your Quick Start Guide for using the BOOM! on battery power.










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